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{May 28, 2012}   EVOLUTION OF A NATION

Pakistan was inevitable. This has been discussed thoroughly by so many for so many years. In prepartition India there lived many nationalities, collectively called Indians. When India was divided on 14th August 1947 we took a pencil and on the map of the world drew out the map of Pakistan. We made Pakistan-and sowed the seed of a Pakistani Nation, expecting that in time it would germinate to a nation. On the independence day we did not transform all the Sindhis, punjabis, pushtoons etc into a Pakistani nation. Of course we hoped that these all would one day be knitted into a homogeneous mass. To me division of India was no less than a upheaval like an earthquake in the lives, society, of people of India, on both sides. In an earth quake every thing turns upside down-so did the society, it was uprooted. The most to suffer were the “QADRAIN”(traditions). It is not only that the immigrants from both sides were uprooted- but the left behind also transformed-to fill the vacuum created by the fleeing! Livelihood was to be searched anew in an alien environment. Caution for respect, right and wrong decent and indecent became secondary. One  availed the god sent opportunity. Thus barring a few, many became “Sayeds and many chaudhri and maliks!


The socioeconomic status of the people in areas now in Pakistan can be gauged to some extent by the fact that prior to partition in the railway divisional office at Karachi Cantt., out of 350 employees only two were muslims-one Sindhi peon and the other a pathan chowkidar! This is how the saplings of would be nation have started taking root.    Job opportunities were limited as agriculture being the major pursuit was hindered by scarcity of water and industry was nonexistent. In Sind, here in Karachi we could boast of a bone mill near manghopir and Dalmia Cement factory and a Khopra mill at Garden, a biscuit factory “J.B. Mangaram Biscuit factory at Sukkur. That was all! Soon the need for infrastructure, water, industry, electricity and every thing was contemplated. Soon we were in competition. We are in a hurry. We wish to compete with nations that are much, much older than us- We wish to reach the stars. We have set our goals very high in almost every sphere. When ever we compare ourselves or our short comings we take the U.S.A., Britain, Germany and China as instances. We do not compare ourselves among the likes of us. Britain was not much different some three centuries ago. So was not U.S.A. Chinese nation is thousands years old! No where there is so heterogenic society as in India, Pakistan and the U.S.A. The difference has been that India had been developed by the time of partition to great extent.


The North america faced the first invasion after having become U.S.A. for some 250 or so years. Pakistan fought three wars in its infancy. without any ally!  Whatever allies we did have they stabbed us in the back. India had been amassed with loads of armament and in 1965 war embargo was clamped on supply of armament to Pakistan, cunningly to appear very righteous, on India too. In December 1970 our friends woke from slumber and the 7th fleet rolled on snails pace to reach where it was never intended to. Any how not repenting on and correcting our mistakes we are trudging along. To my mind we have committed two major mistakes.

1.We have not understood creation of Pakistan. Why Pakistan? Why two nation theory or what is it in plain words. We are very simple people. We do not understand signs and symbols. We understand straight words and the meanings there of. We lilke to be spoon fed. Pakistan was created so that the muslims of india could live, practise their deen Islam/ or islam was to be saved, islam was in danger. How? THERE WAS NO RESTRICTION ON MOSQUES OR OFFERING PRAYERS IN INDIA. THERE WAS NO RESTRICTION ON FASTING, PERHAPS SIMILAR QUOTA FOR HAJIS, NO RESTRICTION ON ZAKAT. Islam is not confined in slaughtering of cow, if sacred in certain indian regions. I recite La Ilaha illallah, who knows if I am reciting the kalema from unfathomable depths of my heart?  MUSLIMS OF IDNIA WERE THREATENED ECONOMICALLY!

In a homeland of their own they were to share the common economy.  The bread was to feed all the components. Not that if one took a bite the others snarled and glared. Similarly the power was to be shared too, so that no body is to lament to be the “fourth Darvesh” and exclaim “SAG BASH BROTHER KHURD MA BASH” {one should prefer to be a dog than to be a younger brother)! I wonder how the liliputian Japs and the Viets took on mighty america! The key lies in Wali Khans formula of “ ONE PROVINCE ONE VOTE” for power, and pronouncement of NATIONAL FINANCE COMMITTEE AWARD, that  Musharraf having been all mighty has not been able to do and his cronies don’t have the heart. This is also one of the reason of so many one man political parties in the country.

2.We did not hold any elections in early days and when ever elections had been held were a farce! Though the façade of 1970 election is termed to be fair. I am sure had they been, at least results from Sukkur and Larkana would have been declared null and void. The result to day is that every body is a self styled “Rustam”. Let there be a true Dangal and let the giants cut themselves to size. The powers that be can always exercise their might. By declaring 98% turnout for the winner in the referendum, when the required number was paltry 10 votes to be successful, the powers only reminded the victor and the masses as to who were the king makers. ZAB forgot and was punished. Since we are a nation in the making every thing that we make can not be ship shape and to our liking. It is a continual trial and error process. We pick a piece and start cutting it to a glittering diamond, dismayed at the result, throw it and start all over again. There is progress at least, how so ever microscopic. Nations do not evolve overnight. NEITHER DOES DIAMOND!  At 60 we are only toddlers! Not that we have not achieved any thing. It is heartening that now every body, ALMOST, is wishing for fresh air in HIS OWN SPACE!

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