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{May 28, 2012}   EVOLUTION OF A NATION

Pakistan was inevitable. This has been discussed thoroughly by so many for so many years. In prepartition India there lived many nationalities, collectively called Indians. When India was divided on 14th August 1947 we took a pencil and on the map of the world drew out the map of Pakistan. We made Pakistan-and sowed the seed of a Pakistani Nation, expecting that in time it would germinate to a nation. On the independence day we did not transform all the Sindhis, punjabis, pushtoons etc into a Pakistani nation. Of course we hoped that these all would one day be knitted into a homogeneous mass. To me division of India was no less than a upheaval like an earthquake in the lives, society, of people of India, on both sides. In an earth quake every thing turns upside down-so did the society, it was uprooted. The most to suffer were the “QADRAIN”(traditions). It is not only that the immigrants from both sides were uprooted- but the left behind also transformed-to fill the vacuum created by the fleeing! Livelihood was to be searched anew in an alien environment. Caution for respect, right and wrong decent and indecent became secondary. One  availed the god sent opportunity. Thus barring a few, many became “Sayeds and many chaudhri and maliks!


The socioeconomic status of the people in areas now in Pakistan can be gauged to some extent by the fact that prior to partition in the railway divisional office at Karachi Cantt., out of 350 employees only two were muslims-one Sindhi peon and the other a pathan chowkidar! This is how the saplings of would be nation have started taking root.    Job opportunities were limited as agriculture being the major pursuit was hindered by scarcity of water and industry was nonexistent. In Sind, here in Karachi we could boast of a bone mill near manghopir and Dalmia Cement factory and a Khopra mill at Garden, a biscuit factory “J.B. Mangaram Biscuit factory at Sukkur. That was all! Soon the need for infrastructure, water, industry, electricity and every thing was contemplated. Soon we were in competition. We are in a hurry. We wish to compete with nations that are much, much older than us- We wish to reach the stars. We have set our goals very high in almost every sphere. When ever we compare ourselves or our short comings we take the U.S.A., Britain, Germany and China as instances. We do not compare ourselves among the likes of us. Britain was not much different some three centuries ago. So was not U.S.A. Chinese nation is thousands years old! No where there is so heterogenic society as in India, Pakistan and the U.S.A. The difference has been that India had been developed by the time of partition to great extent.


The North america faced the first invasion after having become U.S.A. for some 250 or so years. Pakistan fought three wars in its infancy. without any ally!  Whatever allies we did have they stabbed us in the back. India had been amassed with loads of armament and in 1965 war embargo was clamped on supply of armament to Pakistan, cunningly to appear very righteous, on India too. In December 1970 our friends woke from slumber and the 7th fleet rolled on snails pace to reach where it was never intended to. Any how not repenting on and correcting our mistakes we are trudging along. To my mind we have committed two major mistakes.

1.We have not understood creation of Pakistan. Why Pakistan? Why two nation theory or what is it in plain words. We are very simple people. We do not understand signs and symbols. We understand straight words and the meanings there of. We lilke to be spoon fed. Pakistan was created so that the muslims of india could live, practise their deen Islam/ or islam was to be saved, islam was in danger. How? THERE WAS NO RESTRICTION ON MOSQUES OR OFFERING PRAYERS IN INDIA. THERE WAS NO RESTRICTION ON FASTING, PERHAPS SIMILAR QUOTA FOR HAJIS, NO RESTRICTION ON ZAKAT. Islam is not confined in slaughtering of cow, if sacred in certain indian regions. I recite La Ilaha illallah, who knows if I am reciting the kalema from unfathomable depths of my heart?  MUSLIMS OF IDNIA WERE THREATENED ECONOMICALLY!

In a homeland of their own they were to share the common economy.  The bread was to feed all the components. Not that if one took a bite the others snarled and glared. Similarly the power was to be shared too, so that no body is to lament to be the “fourth Darvesh” and exclaim “SAG BASH BROTHER KHURD MA BASH” {one should prefer to be a dog than to be a younger brother)! I wonder how the liliputian Japs and the Viets took on mighty america! The key lies in Wali Khans formula of “ ONE PROVINCE ONE VOTE” for power, and pronouncement of NATIONAL FINANCE COMMITTEE AWARD, that  Musharraf having been all mighty has not been able to do and his cronies don’t have the heart. This is also one of the reason of so many one man political parties in the country.

2.We did not hold any elections in early days and when ever elections had been held were a farce! Though the façade of 1970 election is termed to be fair. I am sure had they been, at least results from Sukkur and Larkana would have been declared null and void. The result to day is that every body is a self styled “Rustam”. Let there be a true Dangal and let the giants cut themselves to size. The powers that be can always exercise their might. By declaring 98% turnout for the winner in the referendum, when the required number was paltry 10 votes to be successful, the powers only reminded the victor and the masses as to who were the king makers. ZAB forgot and was punished. Since we are a nation in the making every thing that we make can not be ship shape and to our liking. It is a continual trial and error process. We pick a piece and start cutting it to a glittering diamond, dismayed at the result, throw it and start all over again. There is progress at least, how so ever microscopic. Nations do not evolve overnight. NEITHER DOES DIAMOND!  At 60 we are only toddlers! Not that we have not achieved any thing. It is heartening that now every body, ALMOST, is wishing for fresh air in HIS OWN SPACE!

US Efforts to encourage old heritage

امریکی سفارتخانے کی جانب سے فیس بک پر دئے گئے ایک اشتہار، یو ٹیوب پر موجود ویڈیوز اور امریکی سفارتخانے کی ویب  سائٹ پر موجود معلومات سےانکشاف ہوتا ہے کہ پاکستان میں قدیم ہندو رسوم اور انتہائی متنازعہ امور کو پھیلانے اور مقبول بنانے کے لئے  امریکی سفارتخانہ   گزشتہ دس  برس سے ہر سال کروڑوں ڈالر خرچ کررہا ہے۔ امریکی سفارتخانے کا موقف ہے کہ پاکستان جس خطے میں موجود ہےاور جو علاقے پاکستان میں شامل ہیں وہاں  ماضی میں انتہائی  ترقی یافتہ قومیں آباد تھیں اور  ان کا ایک کلچر تھا جو اس علاقے کا اصل کلچر ہے اور امریکی سفارتخانہ اس قدیم اور اصل کلچر کو بحال کرنے کے لئے کوشاں ہیں۔ امریکی سفارتخانے کی ویب سائٹ پر دئے اعدادوشمار سےپتہ چلتا ہے کہ امریکی سفارتخانہ ایسے 17 متنازعہ ترین پروجیکٹس پر کام کررہا  ہے اور ان کے لئے فنڈز فراہم کررہا ہے جس سے پاکستانی معاشرے میں انتشار مزید پھیل رہا ہے، ان سترہ پروجیکٹس میں اکثر قدیم ہندو اور بدھ  مت رسوم اور تہواروں پر مشتمل ہیں اور پاکستانی معاشرے میں حال  ہی میں انہیں زور و شور سے منانے پر محاذ آرائی شروع ہو چکی ہے۔ امریکی سفارتخانے کی ویب سائٹ کے مطابق ان میں سے ایک بسنت و بہار نامی تہوار ہے۔ ا مریکی سفارتخانے کا کہنا ہے کہ یہ اس خطے کا قدیم تہوار اور ثقافت ہے اس لئے وہ اسے معاشرے میں رائج کرنے اور محفوظ کرنے کے لئے فنڈز فراہم کررہا ہے۔ انہیں سترہ پروجیکٹس میں  قدیم بدھ   دیوتائوں کے بت، قدیم مندر اور  دیگر  ایسے علاقائی تہوار شامل ہیں جو اب معدوم ہوچکے ہیں اور اگر انہیں بحال کیا جاتا ہے تو اس سے براہ راست پاکستانی تشخص اور  اسلامی کلچر پر اثر پڑتا ہے۔ امریکی سفیر کا  ایک کہنا ہے کہ وہ پاکستان کی نہیں بلکہ علاقائی ثقافت کو محفوظ بنانے کے لئے کام کررہے ہیں اور انہیں اس کی اجازت اقوام متحدہ کا چارٹر دیتا ہے۔

امریکی سفارتخانے کی جانب سے فیس بک پر دئیے گئے اشتہار کا عکس امریکی سفارتخانے کی جانب سے فیس بک پر دئیے گئے اشتہار کا عکس

“We in Saudi Arabia are not observers in Pakistan, we are participants.”

Saudi Arabia is the third largest state in Middle East, biggest oil supplier in the world, extremely close and loyal ally of USA, staunch rival of Iran and finally supposedly time tested friend of Pakistan.
Saudis have been playing very active role in Pakistan from the day they recognized her as an independent Islamic state in 1947. From acquiring of nuclear technology in Bhutto era (funding) to the testing of nuclear warheads in Nawaz Sharif era (they promised to support Pakistan’s economy after the tests) Saudis proved their loyalty. On the other hand Pakistan also tried her level best in strengthening the bilateral relations of the two states. From flying of Saudi aircraft in 1969 to the episode of seizure of Holy Kaba, Pakistan also showed their metal.
After USA, undoubtedly Saudi Arabia is the major socially, religiously and politically contributing factor in Pakistan either positively or negatively. Though nowadays her negative factors are more clearly showing their effects on Pakistani society. Even Wiki leaks gave evidence of this symbiotic relationship, when Saudi Ambassador, Adel al-Jubeir, was showing off in front of USA Ambassador,

“We in Saudi Arabia are not observers in Pakistan, we are participants.”

Pakistan is paying a very heavy price for this relationship in the form of ongoing sectarianism, extremism, Talibanization of Pakistan and constant political chaos as they keep on supporting corrupt politicians of the state.
Throughout history Saudi Arabia’s main focus in their foreign policy was on the spread of Wahabism and containing of influence of Iran in Muslim world. They make huge donations from USA to developing states around the globe with one condition that they will be allowed to send their preachers and scholars to preach their Wahabist ideology. They provide funds for building mosques and research centers. Wahabis are devoted believers of force or extremism in Islam.
Madrassa system of Pakistan based on Wahabist ideology was completely funded by the Saudis. Young boys were taught glorified image of jihad and even were physically trained for the future purpose of jihad. Taliban were the direct outcome of this Madrassa system. They support and propagate Terrorism which is against the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) who actually taught, peace and harmony.
Saudi Arabia funds extremist activities all around the globe especially Taliban in Pakistan. The former Director of CIA James Woolsey described Saudi Arabian Wahabism as “the soil in which Al-Qaeda and its sister terrorist organizations are flourishing.” Until recently they themselves had to suffer extremist activities in their own state, they pulled back a bit but still all the global Saudi charities, which are headed by the Saudi cabinet ministers, are still actively fanning radicalism.
Pakistan is a victim of proxy war of two Middle Eastern states. As Iran supporting the Shiite Muslims of Pakistan and Extremist groups of Sunnis, being supported by Saudis, gave rise to the sectarianism in Pakistan, resulting in total wipe out of the highly skilled and educated lot of Pakistan, like doctors, scholars and even high profile political figures. This proxy war especially accelerated after the Iranian revolution, Saudis wanted to contain their influence in Middle East. During 80s and 90s they funded many extremist organizations for instance Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) which started propagating against the shiites in Pakistan. In response Iran funded Tehreek-e-Fiq-e-Jafariya.
This interference not only paved the way for many more coming future extremist cells and groups but also gave rise to the Taliban regime (current disastrous turmoil of the state). That ongoing war between both states neither affected Iran nor Saudi Arabia but it destroyed the peace and social infrastructure of Pakistan. Saudis are even not satisfied with President Zardari as he wants to maintain good relations with Iran. Saudis are scared of Pakistan, Iran and Iraq (under Shia authority) triangle. Saudis also called him “rotten head.” Shows the state of mind of the Saudi regime.
Saudi Arabia is playing active role in Pakistani politics as well.One of its main examples was bailing out of Nawaz Sharif from the hands of Musharaf. He and his family was not even given political asylum but also provided with business license, main reason behind the Sharif family’s complete allegiance to Saudi Arabia, they not only saved his neck but his economic interests are also tied to the Saudis. Now Sharif brothers keep their eyes closed over the jihadi activities and invisibly support them.
Saudi Arabia, constantly supports the corrupt and dishonest politicians of Pakistan. Whenever there is a deadlock, case is referred to Saudis, as ultimate authority. Saudis are enjoying the status of puppet masters causing worst political turmoil resulting Pakistan to lose its prestige and honor in international platforms. Ironically, they themselves also do not trust these politicians, during flood crisis, they gave aid to the flood victims in the form of food and other daily use articles instead of liquid money, even this was made possible when General Kiyani himself went to Saudi Arabia and gave his guarantee.
Recently, it’s being speculated that being a close ally of USA Saudi Arabia played the role of mediator in deal between USA and the families of the victims of Raymond Davis case, though Saudia denied it but PM Gilani gave the hint of Saudis’ involvement. Again this was a direct hit on the sovereignty of the state. Though this was the case of Punjab government, Shabaz Sharif referred it to the federal authority and they to Supreme Court and one day before his release Nawaz Sharif suddenly left for UK in pretext of bad health conditions. Ironic still Saudis deny their involvement.
This over all analysis of the current relation shows that now Saudis are interfering way too much, first it was only being run by USA now Saudis are also deeply involved. Saudis’ positive contribution cannot be neglected or forgotten but we need some space. We need some air to breath. This constant involvement is causing Saudi Arabia to lose her good reputation in Pakistan. People know how deep USA and Saudi relations go and most of the time it is speaking the language of USA on Pakistan’s part.

This is not Islam

We cannot turn a ‘Blind Eye’ to the hastily increasing religious extremism and intolerance in our society. Sectarian violence and religious extremism is an unpredictable menace. History is sated with incidents of such sorts in various countries. The chauvinists and the evil minded selfish natured people are behind this repulsive act. Unfortunate is the fact that usually the Muslim countries are being constantly accused of promoting these evil acts and take ‘jihad’ in terms of terror.

In the case of Pakistan, Islam is considerably more complicated, bound up as it is with languages, lineages, sects and local and regional identifications. Pakistan played a critical role in the 1979 war ofAfghanistan and risked its own stability. Unfortunately the government failed to address the after effects of the war and did not realize the future destruction it may bring to their land. The recent wave of growing religious extremism in our country can be attributed to internal and external factors.

Internally, real threat in Pakistan emanates from domestic and internal security issues in the name of sectarian violence and religious extremism. Pakistan unfortunately has always been affected by these overwhelming threats. The tragic consequences of 9/11 led to a U-turn in the world political affairs and world saw the dawn of imperialism by super power in the name of ‘war against terror’. Pakistanbeing an important member of the world community came into the fierce brunt of this tide of change. What should be understood before going ahead is that foreign forces can never dare to impede in domestic affairs of any state until and unless that states inherent weaknesses and gaps provide them with the opportunity. The decision by our political rulers to be the front ally with U.S. even before the investigation were tend to be completed proves it to be bees in bonnet of our political system.

The 10 years havoc of this war have plunged our state into harm of political, economic, social and religious chaos. Further, the dissection on the issue of blasphemy law, Raymond Davis case, Kerry Lugar Bill etc. has added fuel to the fire. The gap between the government and the society is widening. In contrast to political strategic talks carried out by our government with U.S; a recent poll shows 57% of our population does not opine positive about U.S. policies in our region. This invites other countries in and now it is like a piece of cake for the external powers to further divide an already divided nation. And so far they have done it quite successfully.

Transaction of power from military to civilian government in 2008 dashed the hopes of populace as it brought only the ‘New Faces’ in the corridors of power with the ‘Old Policies.” If Mushrraf was accused for his involvement in Aafia Siddiqi’s case and his support for U.S. than same is the outlook of the present democratic government in U.S. National Raymond Davis case. If Mushrraf agreed to makePakistan a ‘front line state’ in U.S. War against Terrorism same strategy is adopted by Zardari & Co. This gave further rise to religious extremism in Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan in surrounded by tons of problems. And to top it all off Drone attacks, presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan and ‘Ethnic Cleansing Policy’ of west against Muslims throughout the world i.e. in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine etc. played a major role in growing militancy among Muslim youth. It is now a dire need to instantly address this issue and require sincere and utmost efforts from the government to eliminate this curse.

Recent divulgences by Wiki leaks about Pakistani leadership have left no doubts in terms of proving that our leadership is actually paralyzed and follow the instructions from the so called Super Power. Now the question before us is: How Pakistan’s support for U.S-led war on terrorism gave rise to religious extremism in the country? What problems we as a nation are facing due to this religious extremism? What should be the policy of the government to control it? Before discussing these questions at length it is indispensable to discuss the background of this curse and how it originated and got its roots in Pakistan.

Today we are getting the taste of our own medicine in the form of terrorism. Back in 1979, millions of Jehadi’s were trained in Pakistan to achieve U.S. interests of containing Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Soon after the war ended these Jehadi’s were left ruined by their Masters. All hell broke loose when these Mujahideen were tagged as ‘Terrorist’ all of a sudden after 9/11. The reaction from these Jehadi’s was thus quite evident. Whenever people are used and deprived of their basic rights they tend to be attracted towards the extremes of revolt. In Pakistan majority is deprived of basic necessities and prosperous life. It is quite easy to ensnare people who are already frustrated and looking for an explanation for their grievances. What is demanded contemporarily is a new breed of intellectuals capable to guide the people to a meaningful change. Awareness about the true concept of Jihad and the difference between Jihad and terrorism is necessary.

It is not sufficient to ban these organizations. To eliminate them the root cause should be addressed for the complete propagation of violence from the society. Mohammad Aamir Rana in his book “A to Z of Jihadi Organizations in Pakistan” also revealed some realities about the links between Jehadi and sectarian organization in our country. Government should implement a strict law for all the organizations and religious institutes. Any organizations which will be found involved in promoting or blurring the wrong Islamic concepts should be dealt severely. The vigorous enforcement of laws is desired in every respect. Most of the children getting education in these madrassas are from the rural areas of Pakistan. Rural areas of Pakistan are the hub of feudalism. Feudals mostly believe in violence and consider it a best ‘Retention Policy’. The government must act against such families who have been busy in curbing other individually through violence. The spread of education is another aspect which can create awareness among the people. The religious organizations usually target those people who are illiterate so the technique of brainwashing can be applied on them simply. Therefore education is an impotent tool which the government can use to ward off any presence of evil mindedness from the society. Different peace projects should be started between the people of different sects to reduce sectarian differences. If a peace project like “Aman ki Asha” could be started between the two rival states to reduce the differences. Why cannot we start peace projects between different sects and religions living in our society? In this way confusions and delusions regarding different concepts of Islam and other religions can be reduced.

Last but not the least Pakistan should adopt a balanced and valiant foreign policy. Instead of relying on West and IMF for our economic development we should utilize our own resources and manpower. Furthermore, it is now time to understand the veiled conspiracy behind the concept of “New World Order” introduced by west. This is actually a “New World Order Free from Islam” as apparent from the situation. It is a concept which propounds diplomatic immunity for a murderer like Raymond Davis and rebukes an innocent Muslim like Aafia Siddiqui.

As stated time and again, culture of violence is a real menace for Pakistan. It is indeed a complex matter which really needs to be resolved as early as possible through effective policies.
By: Saira Bukhari

A Symbolic Depiction of Continual Struggle

The Generations Striving for a Prosperous & Progressive Pakistan

Open Letter to All Pakistanis

Dear Friends,

unexpectedly, i received an email from someone i know for few months only, and that too on internet (Facebook) only, in email he said sir this is my request to you please post my email (As it is) on your blog, because this is not only my first writeup to any medium (Paper & electronic media) but also very important one too. So friends, i am copy/pasting his email without editing, if anyone feel offensive in it or hurted by the details given, please forgive me.

Mohtaram Pakistanio


Hamare haan ki siyasat kuch is tarhan se hamare andar rach bas gayee hai k na chahte hue bhi hamari zindagion ka aik bara hissa siyasat ki

Imran Khan & his politics

nazar hogaya hai, har mor par hamen is baat ka andaza hota hai k ham jis mahol mein reh rahe hain wahan shareef, izzatdar aur sachai k lie jan de dene wale logon k lie jeena mohal hochuka hai. . .

November 22, 2011, khana khane k bad kuch waqt mila to socha k kuch halat-e-hazra k bare mein jan lia jae, isi ni’at se geo ki website kholi to jo pehli khabar parhne ko mili wo Imran Khan saheb k bare mein thi, jis mein likha tha Imran Khan saheb ki siyasi jamat k Lahore mein waqay daftar ko ba’waja adam adaigi tax, seal kardia gaya hai. Sun kar boht afsos hua kio k Imran Khan saheb ka naam aate hi world cup 1992 ki yadain taza hojati hain, meri nazar mein Imran Khan ki shaksiyat aik boht hi izzat ki hamil shakhsiyat ki hamil hai. khas tor par Imran Khan saheb ne Pakistan ki riwaiti siyasat k khilaf jo ailan-e-jang kia aur tamam quaideen ko apne asane zahir karne ko kaha.

Mere zehn mein jo pehla khayal jo aya wo yahi tha k shayad Pakistan Muslim League (N) ne hameshan ki tarhan PTI k wajood se inkar karte hue siyasi rassa kashi ki shurwat kardi hai aur ye waqya ussi silsilay ki aik karri hai, lekin haqeeqat maloom hone par afsos hua k jo shakhsh dusron ko talqeen karta hai k apne asasay zahir karo, tax do, chori na karo, wo khud apni party office k lie tax ada nahin karta ?

Ye sab waqiyat apne samne dekh kar Pakistan ki 18 crore awam ki tarhan shayad mein khamosh beth jata aur bas siyasi dangal ki numaish dekhta rehta lekin jis cheez ne mujhe qalam uthane par majboor kia uska is pure waqiyay se gehra talluq hai . . .

Abhi kuch dair pehle jab mein apne facebook account ko dekh raha tha to Kamran Khan saheb k page ko visit karte waqt meri nazron se aik aisi cheez guzri jisse dekh kar pehle to mujhe khushi hui lekin jab mere zehn se PTI office wala qissa guzra to mein hairan reh gaya . . .meine dekha k Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf k kisi ohdedar ne “Facebook Advert” lagaya hua tha membership k lie…yehan mein aap ko batata chaloon k “Facebook Advert” ki sahoolat hasil karne k lie hamen google walon ko 35$ rozana ki bunyad par ada karne hote hain aur kam se kam muddat aik mahinay ki hoti hai jis ka total kharcha $1050 aur Rs. 92137.5/- hota hai yani k aik “Facebook Advert” chalane k lie Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf aur un k leaders Rs. 3071.25/- per day facebook walon ko de rahe hain sirf logon ko PTI ki taraf raghib karne k lie jo k aik yahoodi lobby hai jab k aise kai adverts PTI k handard aur leaders facebook par chala rahe hain jin par lakhon rupay rozana kharch kie jarahe hain. Dusri taraf almia ye hai k Hukumat-e-Pakistan ko property tax nahin dia ja raha ….aik aisa tax jis se Pakistan k awam k lie falah-o-behboob k kaam kie jane hain . . .

Ye sab haqaiq yaqeenan hamare lie lamha-e-fikria hain aur hamen sochne par majboor karte hain k hamare qol-o-fail mein itna tazad kio hai ? akhir kio ham apni hi bholi bhali awam ko bewaqoof bana kar apne mazmoom azaim ko pura karte hain, wo kon hai jis k isharon par ye sari karwai’yan hoti hain ….wo kon hai jo itna paisa faraham karta hai in logon ko . . .aur agar itna paisa hai to kio ham apni awam ko uska faida nahin dete ? kio bhooka marne dete hain ? kio apni pak sarzameen par mojood pahar jaisa qarz nahin utarte ?

Yaqeenan ye wo chubhte hue sawalat hain jin ka jawab dena koi siyasatdan pasand nahin karega …aur ham awam itne behis hochuke hain k har bar inhi logon ko vote dekar aiwano mein bhej dete hain . . .meri za’tti rae mein Imran Khan saheb baaqi siyasat dano se alag the …lekin ye sab apni aankhon se dekhne k bad meine apni aankhen kholne ka faisal karlia hai aur ye tahayya kia hai k ab ki bar ussi ko vote dekar aiwan mein bhejoonga jis ne haqeeqi mani mein mere sheher aur mere mulk mein rehne wale mazloom Pakistanion k lie kuch kia hoga . . .

Akhir mein,mein sirf apne ham waton se sirf itni guzarish karna chahoonga k khudara apne mulk Pakistan par rehem karen …aise logon ko hargiz vote na den jin k zahir aur batin mein numaya farq hai jo samne kuch kehte hain andaar karte kuch aur hain ….

“Apna ka hamwatan Pakistani ”


Friends, below are the snapshots that i received as attachments.

1) One of the advert of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf appearing on “Facebook Advert”

2) Facebook Advert Fee as required by Facebook

Ask the below questions to any American & reply if they’re able to . . .
1) Which is the only country in the world to have dropped bombs on over twenty different countries since 1945?
2) Which is the only country to have used nuclear weapons?

3) Which country was responsible for a car bomb which killed 80 civilians in Beirut in 1985, in a botched assassination attempt, thereby making it the most lethal terrorist bombing in modern Middle East history?

4) Which country’s illegal bombing of Libya in 1986 was described by the UN Legal Committee as a “classic case” of terrorism?

5) Which country rejected the order of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to terminate its “unlawful use of force” against Nicaragua in 1986, and then vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling on all states to observe international law?

6) Which country was accused by a UN-sponsored truth commission of providing “direct and indirect support” for “acts of genocide” against the Mayan Indians in Guatemala during the 1980s?

7) Which country unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty in December 2001?

8) Which country renounced the efforts to negotiate a verification process for the Biological Weapons Convention and brought an international conference on the matter to a halt in July 2001?

9) Which country prevented the United Nations from curbing the gun trade at a small arms conference in July 2001?

10) Aside from Somalia , which is the only other country in the world to have refused to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?

11) Which is the only Western country which allows the death penalty to be applied to children?

12) Which is the only G7 country to have refused to sign the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, forbidding the use of landmines?

13) Which is the only G7 country to have voted against the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 1998?

14) Which was the only other country to join with Israel in opposing a 1987 General Assembly resolution condemning international terrorism?

15) Which country refuses to fully pay its debts to the United Nations yet  reserves its right to veto United Nations resolutions?

16) Who had intervene in Middle east and destroyed all states ?
Answers ?

{February 11, 2011}   Egypt: What Obama can do now ?

Sarah Smith

No one was more surprised than President Obama when his old friend Hosni Mubarak did not stand down as Egyptian President on Thursday night, writes US Correspondent Sarah Smith in Washington.

He had been fully expecting him to leave. Even the head of the CIA had told a Congressional Committee: “There’s a strong likelihood that Mubarak may step down this evening, which would be significant in terms of where the, hopefully, orderly transition in Egypt takes place.”

Barack Obama watched the speech in the conference room on board Air Force One. Afterward a White House spokesman said: “This is not what we expected to happen, this is not what we wanted to happen.”

For the last 18 days much of what’s been happening in Egypt has caught the White House unawares. And the result has been a muddled policy that has tried to support protestors’ demands for democracy but balance those with the interests of America’s other friends in the region.

This is not what we expected to happen, this is not what we wanted to happen. White House spokesman after Egypt’s Mubarak declared he would stay in power

After the first few days the US realized they couldn’t prop up their previously staunch ally Hosni Mubarak. But they couldn’t simply ditch him either. Not when both Saudi Arabia and Israel were warning the White House not to force destabilizing change on the region too quickly. The result has been a muddled policy that is now being criticized in America for not supporting the Egyptian opposition firmly enough.

Just 18 months ago President Obama very deliberately picked Cairo as the venue of a major speech championing the rights of all people to free and fair elections. So once the people answered his call and took to the streets you would think he’d be 100 per cent behind them. But all the talk of the need for “stability” in Egypt has fallen well short meeting the protestors’ demands for Mubarak to go now.


On Wednesday an angry editorial in the New York Times denounced the US endorsement of the newly appointed Vice-President Omar Suleiman saying “he appears far more interested in maintaining as much of the old repressive order as he can get away with. That is unacceptable to Egypt’s people, and it should be unacceptable to Egypt’s Western supporters.”

In the same paper the next day, columnist Nicholas Kristoff asked: “Why does our national policy seem to be that democracy is good for Americans and Israelis yet dangerous for Egyptians?” He argued that America has found itself on the wrong side of history and as result is strengthening anti-Western elements within Egypt.

Follow the latest in Egypt on the Channel 4 News Live blog

The young people filling Tahrir Square are not Islamic militants and most of them are minded to like Obama and his America. But not if they feel they have been abandoned by the man who came to Cairo to say: “I do have an unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things: the ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed; confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice; Government that is transparent and doesn’t steal from the people; the freedom to live as you choose. Those are not just American ideas, they are human rights, and that is why we will support them everywhere.”

On Thursday – when he still expected Mubarak to go – Obama said: “We want all Egyptians to know America will continue to do every thing that we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in Egypt.”

On Friday Egyptians will want to know what Obama is going to do to support them now that Mubarak will not, voluntarily, give them that transition just yet.

The shooting of two Pakistani men in Lahore by a mysterious American citizen risks undermining US Afghan strategy.

It’s difficult to know which country is in more of a tizz, Pakistan or the US, following the arrest of an American “diplomat” for shooting dead two Pakistanis in Lahore last week. It is desperately embarrassing for both and could not come at a worse time – just as the US needs all the help in get from Islamabad if it wants to start bringing home its troops from Afghanistan later this year. But now the diplomatic spat caused by Raymond Davis threatens to further undermine an already awkward alliance.

As usual in Pakistan, much of the detail is murky, shrouded in layers of intrigue and conspiracy theory. But here’s what we know…

Davis was arrested last Thursday. He was driving a Honda Civic alone through Lahore when two men pulled alongside him on a motorbike at traffic lights. According to the US embassy in Islamabad, he saw that one of them had a gun. Apparently fearing that he was about to be robbed, he opened fire, killing both. When US officials arrived to rescue him from a growing mob, they ran over a bystander, resulting in a third death. (I think we can assume that the driver of the second vehicle is no longer in Pakistan.)

Davis remains in custody, while Pakistan is refusing requests to release him on the ground of diplomatic immunity.

This is desperately bad news for the leadership of both countries. This week President Asif Ali Zardari said it was a matter for the courts. However, he knows his regime is propped up by American financial aid and his military risks being overrun by the militant threat with US backing. Snubbing Washington in this way is a disaster. But Zardari is a weak man and an even weaker leader. He dare not alienate the religious right and the rabid talkshow hosts who would seize on the release of Davis as an example of how Pakistan is run by Western puppet masters.

And for America, the case risks revealing many awkward truths. Who exactly is Raymond Davis, described by the US as a member of “technical and administrative staff”? What sort of “diplomat” carries a weapon? What was he doing driving alone through Lahore? Was he actually working for a private military contractor, Hyperion? Was he meeting an informer? Such is the panic, that last week the State Department spokesman denied his name was even “Raymond Davis”. Then this week, a spokeswoman for the embassy in Islamabad said Crowley had not denied the name was “Raymond Davis”.

The result is a diplomatic mess that goes beyond mere embarrassment. It could even threaten this year’s Afghan strategy. If it is to consolidate early gains from the military surge, the Pentagon needs Pakistan to move against militant havens on its side of the border. It needs Pakistan to provide an anvil to American troops’ hammer in Afghanistan. But being seen to do the bidding of Washington is always awkward for Pakistan’s political leaders, which have to operate against a backdrop of widespread hostility towards the West and the constant threat of Taliban terrorist attacks.

Releasing Davis on the grounds of diplomatic immunity risks unleashing Pakistan’s darkest forces, further undermining one of the world’s most important alliances. But in Pakistan the truth will remain hidden, leaving the conspiracy theorists to fill in the blanks.

{February 8, 2011}   Mysterious Raymond Davis

Strangely, the more we get to know about the case of Raymond Davis, the less we seem to know. Even more strangely, the fact that the entire incident happened in broad daylight and in front of dozens of witnesses seems to confuse the facts further. The reason for this maybe because no one seems to want to get much clarity; although different parties may want different parts of the story to ‘disappear’, everyone seems keen that the story goes away. However, we may all live to regret it, if it actually does.

Here is what one does know about Raymond Davis. He is a staff member of the US consulate in Lahore, shot dead two Pakistani men last Thursday in a crowded part of Lahore (Mozang Chowk); according to him in self-defence. A vehicle of the US consulate rushed to Mr Davis’ ‘rescue’ ran over a third person, who also died. A murder case was registered against Raymond Davis, who was handed into police custody. A case has also been registered against the driver of the US consulate vehicle that ran over a third person, but the driver has yet to be apprehended.

After a fair deal of scrambling by both US and Pakistani officials on what to do or say, their positions have now started becoming clear and they have taken the stance that is usually taken in such cases: the US is asking that Raymond Davis, as a diplomatic functionary, should be handed back to them; Pakistan seems to be responding that the matter is sub judice and that the law should take its course.

Beyond that, there are more questions than answers. For most part, these questions fall into three categories: (1) Who is Raymond Davis? (2) What exactly happened at Mozang, Lahore? (3) What should happen now?

The answer to the first question is: the earliest reports suggested that Raymond Davis was a “technical adviser” and a “consular” official. More recently, US Embassy officials have described him as a “functionary” of the Embassy assigned to the US consulate in Lahore and carrying a US Diplomatic passport. Reportedly he was hired at the US consulate in Lahore as a security contractor from a Florida-based firm Hyperion Protective Consultants.

All of this has material relevance to whether he is entitled to diplomatic immunity or not, but even more because of the apprehensions of many Pakistanis that he could be linked to the CIA or to the infamous firm Blackwater (later renamed XE Services).

And that leads squarely to the second question: what exactly was happening at Mozang? In line with the immediate knee-jerk reaction of many Pakistanis, an early commentary by Jeff Stein in The Washington Post seemed to suggest rather fancifully that the shootout could have been a “Spy rendezvous gone bad”? That could be a conspiracy theory, but not an entirely implausible one. Mozang is not a part of town that you would expect too many foreigners, let alone a US official, visiting; and certainly not in what was reportedly a rented private vehicle. And while Pakistan today is clearly an unsafe place, the question of just why an embassy official was carrying a firearm be wished away.

On the other hand, however, Mr Davis claims that he shot in self-defence as the two men on the motorcycle were trying to rob him at gun point. Anyone who knows Pakistan knows all too well that this, too, is entirely possible. TV footage and reports coming immediately after the incident showed one of the young men lying dead with a revolver and wearing an ammunition belt. And certainly, the question of why at least one of the two young men on the motorcycle was carrying a loaded firearm cannot be wished away just because of enmity

Indeed, serious questions need to be asked about just who the two young men on the motorcycle were, just as they need to be asked about who Raymond Davis is. There just seems to be too many unnecessary weapons in too much proximity in this story. All of the many explanations that are floating around are very disturbing, but also very plausible. This is exactly why this story is even more dangerous if left unresolved.

Finally, the third question – which is now getting the most attention – about what should happen now. Much is being made – maybe too much – about the Vienna Convention and its implications for diplomatic immunity. Familiar diplomatic games about the minutia of vocabulary are being played and will in most likelihood result in all too familiar results. That is exactly what one would expect in any such situation anywhere.

But this is not ‘any’ situation’; and this is not ‘anywhere’. This is about US-Pakistan relations: A relationship that is so jaundiced that there is just about nothing that the US can say or do which Pakistanis are likely to believe, and there is just about nothing that Pakistan can say or do which Americans are likely to trust. Which is why getting stuck in the intricacies of the Vienna Convention of 1963 is the exact wrong place to get stuck. This is a time for public diplomacy: certainly from the US and maybe even from Pakistan. It is not in America’s interest to be seen to be standing in the way of justice and due process. And it is not in Pakistan’s interest to be seen to conducting a flawed process of justice.

There are too many people on the extreme in both countries who will not and cannot change their opinion and apprehensions about the other. But there are even more people in both countries who could all too easily be swayed to the extremes on distrust if this delicate case is not handled with clarity and transparency by both sides. Doing so will probably bring with it more than just a little diplomatic embarrassment. Not doing so can only bring worse in the tinderbox that is US-Pakistan relations.

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