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As predicted by me earlier on a blog i.e., Pakistan India match as once again put into hell of politics, on the name of cricket diplomacy and like always, Pakistan sacrificed….shame of zardari & company for using such filthy tactics and entering from back-door to justify it’s rule + an effort to strengthen the governance just before cabinet elections …..

but never ruled out the performance of Indians, my congrats to the indian team its a great day of victory for them because they played really really well through the world cup and had the most difficult matches and they played em really really well and because they weren’t willing to toy with their peoples emotion un like the paki’s selling out their people’s faith for just a pile of cash …

just like every time…


Here’s the evidence 🙂

If you want more proof, then listen to this audio, in which you can hear same bookie’s voice.


et cetera
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