Youth Awareness

{January 29, 2012}   Convocation Day Speech

‎* My Graduation Speech* 😛 — by Saira ALi 😀

Time passed by so quickly.. I am in tears while writing my graduation speech.
I have a list of thanking notes today…
First of all I would like to thanks with thousand hearts to dear ‘Google’ without which I wouldn’t have been able to complete my MBA. Google! u were always there when I had nothing in my mind.. Thanks for providing me 100 answers of 1silly question.
I would like to say special thanks to “Copy-Paste” option without which I wouldn’t have been able to make my assignments and reports within few minutes.
I am really grateful to “Yahoo answers”…. U helped me when my every class fellow used to search on google.. I took your help.. thinking u might have some different answers than google… 😀
‘Wikipedia’ I am in Love with u… Throughout my graduation life.. u worked as a complete “Package”… When I had less time to search on google and then compile… U provided me a “bani-banaye Report”..

I would like to pay a big thanks to “PDF Converter” … When there were some stupid PDF reports in which I couldn’t use the copy paste option.. I used ‘You’ to convert it to word document ♥
Thanks to my department’s canteen.. by sitting there, I made ‘Decisions of my Life’..
Special thanks to the Long route of Karachi University… It was a 20 minutes’ walk from Gate to my department.. which never let my weight more than 47 Kgs ever ♥
Shukran to the Projector… which never let me run my presentation on the actual date 😀
Thanks to libraray.. I used to spend most of the time there coz it was the only place with AC …:D
Thanks to Baba.. who gave me 3 ‘Fake Internships Certificate’….Thanks to amma for letting everyone know “meri beti MBA kar rahe hai” 😀
& Yes.. Special Thanks to that “Fees submitting procedure”… I learnt ultimate lessons of Patience while standing in a long queue for submitting that damn semester fees.
Thanks to main cantene.. for making me a huge lover of that “Aik rupe wala samosa” ♥
Thanks to my net friends.. for providing me their never ending moral support and wasting my time..
Ohh yes.. Thanks to my teachers too for letting me sit in the exams without any “50% Attendance must” 😀

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