Youth Awareness

{February 10, 2012}   HOW TO COPE WITH COLD WEATHER

Basically the human beings are hot animals and they can not bear cold weather.

Life disturb due to cold weather in most parts of the country

Therefore they have to make some adaptations like wearing warm cloths in order to adjust in the cold environment. For the humans to survive they need to produce enough body heat by in- taking large quantities of food and by controlling the loss of heat with the help of warm shelters and clothing.
A lowest temperature that a person can bear may vary from person to person but normally at 25 degrees a person may start feeling cold. Soon after shivering starts to occur and skin starts giving other responses as well.
These physical responses mean that a moderately fortunate full adult can maintain their temperature in still air above freezing point with light cloths. This mending of temperature becomes overmuch fractious in afoot air and also in blunt or wet conditions. If the extremities fall down the freezing level than a lasting harm may occur. The cooling essence of afoot air is suitable. Paul Siple of America explained that wind raises the rate of temperature loss.

His unique experiments were conducted in Antarctica in 1941 by evaluating how longer it took h2o to immobilize in baked beans tins in varied strengths of wind and at dissimilar temperatures.

The use of cool wind is used to guide the efficient temperature at a certain wind speed. For example in cold conditions a person wearing warm cloths may even be in a little danger. A light wind has the same effects as the temperature of -44 degrees when a person is exposed.
There are certain tips as well that may help you to cope with the cold temperature. The ones that are most common and helpful are to wear layer of cloths, take warm drinks and soups etc.

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