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Pakistan Army once saved Khana Kaba, the holiest place in the holy city Makkah, in 1979 when a group of militants led by Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi seized Khana Kaba for two weeks. The militants attacked the holiest place at the time of Fajr Prayer on 20th November, 1979 and several pilgrims were taken hostages.

It was shocking news for Islamic world when the Grand Mosque Khana Kaba was seized by the militants and during that process several guards lost their lives in cross firing. It was the second time when bloodshed occurred on the holy ground of Grand Mosque and pilgrims were taken hostages on Hajj.

Abdullah Hamid Mohammed Al-Qahtani was the leader of militants and he was the one who called the Muslims to obey him as redeemer of Islam. Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi, who led the seizure of Holy Kaba, declared his brother-in-law as redeemer of Islam and turned against ruling Al-Saud dynasty.

The Saudi government tried to regain Grand Mosque but couldn’t get success for two weeks and lost several troops in the operation as well. The militants group deployed sharp shooters and snipers at key places of Grand Mosque to stop any kind of assault from Saudi troops. The lives of thousands of pilgrims were at risk as well.

For two weeks none of the attempts to rescue the people got success which created chaos among Muslims of the world. The president of Pakistan General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq asked Saudis to let Pakistan Army do the operation as the whole world were eying on them as well. Saudis allowed him to regain the Grand Mosque.

After getting permission General Zia-ul-Haq chose few very competent SSG Commandos from Pakistan Army and sent them to Saudi Arabia. The commander of SSG commandos made a very brilliant strategy against the militants which worked really well for them. SSG commanders were deployed on the ground of Grand Mosque from helicopters and pushed the snipers and militants towards basement.

Once all the militants were pushed into basement of Grand Mosque, the commander of SSG commandos asked the Saudis to flood the basement. Once the basement was flooded, they electrocuted the water which made militants unconscious and all of them including the leaders were arrested by the commandos of Pakistan Army and finished the siege of Khana Kaba.


SSG Commandos of Pakistan Army Saving Khana Kaba

Pakistan Army Clears Khana Kaba from Militants

SSG commandos of Pakistan Army cleared Khana Kaba and rescued thousands of hostages at in 1979 when a group of militants led by Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi seized the Grand Mosque. It all happened so quickly on the morning of 20th Novermber, 1979 that the security guards couldn’t do much to protect the place.

Once Khana Kaba, the holiest place of Muslims, was seized by the militants and thousands of pilgrims were made hostages, the militants declared Abdullah Hamid Mohammed Al-Qahtani the redeemer of Islam. They asked Muslims to obey him as Mahdi, the redeemer of Islam and during the assault executed innocent pilgrims.

The armed troops of Saudis tried to regain the Grand Mosque in several attempts but militants didn’t let them entered in the ground of holy place. The siege of Khana Kaba continued for almost two weeks until SSG commandos of Pakistan Army led by former army chief General Pervez Musharraf cleared the area from militants.

The strategy applied by the commandos to regain the Grand Mosque was quite successful and they rescued the hostage pilgrims without any bloodshed. The sharp shooters and snipers of militants held the key positions at the ground of Grand Mosque and they didn’t let any person entered from the gates.

SSG commandos entered in the Grand Mosque by using helicopters and pushed the militants into basement. That’s was the best chance to capture them without bloodshed at holy place. The captain of the commandos asked the Saudis to flood the basement. Once the basement flooded with water, they electrocuted it which made the militants unconscious.

All the militants including Abdullah Hamid Mohammed Al-Qahtani and Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi were arrested alive and sent to imprisonment. The Khana Kaba was cleared within two hours and SSG commandos did wonderful job which won the hearts of every Muslim. It was one of the glorious moments of Pakistan Army.

پاکستان آرمی نے کیسے خانہ کعبہ کی حفاظت کی اور شرپسند عناصر سے بازیاب کروایا۔
ایک تاریخی وڈیو دیکھیں۔

Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi in the light of Quran & Ahadith.

Please give me the evidence about Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi in the light of Quran & Ahadith.

Before writing the arguments of Eid Milad-un-Nabi (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him), I want to clear the meaning of Milad according to literature and Shariah.

The word Milad has been derived from “viladut” which means birth. Therefore, according to Arabic language, Milad is word which signifies the place and time of birth. In the light of Shariah, we means, Milad is to remember the events which took place at the birth time of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) and we get the opportunity of narrating the Seerat of the Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) on this occasion, we also presents the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) gifts of Durood -o- salam. We mention before the people attributes and praises of the Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him). We do not believe that Milad is specified with same night but, we believe that the remembrance of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) is incumbent in each minute and second of time and every Muslim should act it sunnahs in the whole life time. Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) is a great source of preaching. It is incumbent for scholars to teach Muslims nations on this Holy occasion, moral behavior of the Holy Prophet, (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) his antiquates, His affairs, His Seerat, His dealings and His worships.

Now I write the proofs of Milad from the Holy Quran, the hadith of the Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) and consensus of Ulemas.

Evidence of the Holy Quran
The Qur’anic verses proves that to celebrate Milad is not only a proper deed but it is also a praiseworthy.

1) Allah Almighty says in Quran:

“The peace is on Him the day when he was born and the day when he will die and the day when he will be raised alive.” (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al-Maryam, Verse 15)

In the above verse Allah Almighty has mentioned the complete Milad of Hazrat Yahya (Alaihis Salam). And before this Allah Almighty has mentioned the events which took place before the birth. It is the same way of celebrating birth day as Ahle Sunnat adopts for the Milad of the last Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) of Allah Almighty. In other words the Prophet of Allah Almighty Hazrat Isa (Alaihis Salam) celebrates his own Milad.

2) As Allah Almighty says:

“And the same peace on me the day I was born and the day I will die and the day I would be raised alive.”
(Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al Maryam, Verse 33)

Before this verse Allah Almighty has stated the whole story of Maryam (Allah may pleased with him) that who she got pregnant and gave birth her great son, the Prophet of Allah Isa (Alaihi Salam). Allah Almighty also mentioned the words of Isa (Alaihis Salam) by which Isa (Alaihis Salam) praised himself. This style of narrating story is nothing but celebration of Milad of Isa Alaihis Salam. Ahle Sunnat also narrate the story of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) in the same style. We too narrate the events which took place before the birth and after it as Allah Almighty narrated about Yahya and Isa (Alaihimus Salam). Therefore, a person who has eyes of justice will obviously accept that to celebrate Milad is an important deed which Allah Almighty has done. So it proves that the basis of Milad is found in the Holy Quran.

3) Allah Almighty says:

“And remind them of the days of the Allah.”
(Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Ibrahim, Verse5)

In this verse Allah Almighty orders his prophet Musa Alaihis Salam to remind his nation the days of Allah Almighty. “The days of Allah” are those days in which great events took place or Allah Almighty bestowed his great rewards to his creature. As the Holy Quran testifies this explanation of the days of Allah Almighty. In the Holy Quran Musa Alaihis Salam says:

“And when Musa said it his people remember Allah’s favor upon you, when he delivered you from Firawn’s people who used to afflict you worstly, and slaughter your sons and let your daughters live and in it there was shown great mercy of your lord.” (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Ibrahim, Verse 6)

According to the Qur’anic verse emancipation of the nation of Musa Alaihis Salam from Firawn is a day of Allah, so the birth day of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) is, with any doubt, also a day of Allah, because the Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) emancipated whole world from the darkness of ignorance and brought them to the light of guidance. Therefore, the birthday (Milad) of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) deserves to be celebrated then the celebration of any other event. In case we would not be grateful to Allah Almighty for his favor, which is Muhammad (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him). He will punish us severely. As Allah Almighty says:

“And remember when your lord proclaimed, if you will be great full then I shall give you more and if you’re thankless then my treatment is severe.”
(Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Ibrahim, and Verse 7)

4) Allah Almighty says:
“Then remember the bounties of Allah and wander not in the earth spreading mischief.”
(Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Araf, Verse 74)

In the above verse Allah Almighty orders us to remember his bounties and rewards. The last Prophet of Allah Almighty Muhammad (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) is, undoubtedly, great blessing of Allah Almighty for whole mankind. Allah Almighty himself considers the Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) his great favor for mankind as He says:

“Undoubtedly, Allah did a great favor to the Muslims that in them from among themselves sent a messenger who recites unto them His signs and purifies them and teaches them the book and wisdom and necessarily before that they were certainly apparent error.
(Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Ale Imran, Verse 164)

Therefore, according to the Qur’anic commandments we must remember the beloved Prophet of Allah Muhammad (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) and Milad-un-Nabi is a best way of remembrance of the greatest Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him).
In another words Allah Almighty says:

“And publicize well the favor of your lord”
(Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al Duha, Verse 11)

The companion of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Abbas (Allah is well pleased with Him) explained the word favors. He says here, In this verse favor signifies the prophet hood and Islam.
(Tafseer Ibne Abbas, Sure Al Duha, Page 651).

So in the light of the given explanation by the cousin of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him), we can say that Allah Almighty orders us to remember Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) in our gatherings between the people, in our mosque between the worshiper and in our houses between our families and Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him), as I have written is a best way for this Qur’anic purpose.

4) Allah Almighty orders us:
“Say you oly Allah’s grace and his mercy, on it therefore let them rejoice. That is better then all their wealth.”

In this verse Allah Almighty orders us to enjoy on his grace and mercy. If we see around us we find that each favor of Allah Almighty is great mercy for us. Even our existence is also a mercy of Allah Almighty. But the greatest of Allah is the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him). As Allah Almighty says:

“And we sent not you but mercy for all worlds.”
(Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al Ambiyaa, Verse 107)

So according the Qur’anic teachings it is necessary for us that ewe must be happy and pleased on the birthday of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him). The one who pleases with the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) is really a true follower of the Quran. And it is obvious that, in whole world Muslims celebrates Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him). Specially for enjoying the mercy of Allah Almighty that is the beloved prophet of Allah Almighty (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him)Therefore the Holy Quran itself confirms the Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him)

5) The gathering of Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) incite Muslims on saying Durood and Salam ( to pray for prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) of blessing and peace) Allah Almighty says:

“Oh you who I believe send upon Him blessing and salute Him fully well in abundance. (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Al Ahzab, Verse 56)

According to the law of Shariah, a thing which is desired by Shariah, is exactly a like an aim of Shariah. And the benefits of Durood -o- salam are so much in numbers that can not be counted. Durood -o- salam causes for the help of Allah Almighty in this world and here after. So Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) is a source of fulfilling the commandments of Allah Almighty

6) Allah Almighty says:

“And all that we narrate to you of the tidings of the messengers is for the purpose of strengthening your heart therewith.” (Kanzul Iman the translation of Holy Quran, Sura Hood, Verse 121)

This Qur’anic verse reveals that the wisdom of mentioning the stories and events of Prophets (Alaihis salam) was to stand fast the heart of the last prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him). And it is obvious that we are, also today, in need of being stand fast. We must know that how; the prophet of Allah (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) faced the problems of his time so that we may face the problems of our times according to the Sunnah. Therefore Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) provides us an opportunity to know about the affair of the Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him).

Evidence of Hadith (Narrations of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him)There are many narrations, which proves the Milad Sharif but I write a few.1) The Prophet of Allah (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) himself stated his own birth from very beginning He says: “I had been transferred, continuously, from purified offspring to purified wombs. I had been given birth by a lawful marriage not by adultery. When Allah Almighty sent Adam Alaihis Salam on earth so He put me in his spine and then transferred in Nuh Alaihis salam in his boat, and then in Ibrahim Alaihis salam Allah Almighty transferred me continuously from noble offspring to the purified wombs up to that He brought me in my parents who never committed adultery.”
(Tafseer Ruhul Bayan, Vol. 3, Page 54)

As I have written in the beginning that Milad means the time of birth or place of birth. So the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) himself celebrated his own Milad. In the same way Ahle Sunnat following the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him)narrate the events of the birth of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) .This hadith is the clear proof Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) and as well as tell us that to celebrate Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) is not innovation (bidat) but it is a sunnah (tradition) of Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him).

There are many other narrations which narrate that the Prophet of Allah (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) celebrate his own Milad several times, some of those narrations have been written in Mishkat Sharif.

2) “The one who rejoices on the birth day of the Holy Prophet would not be severely punished and it is hopped that a Muslim who celebrate the Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him), will not be punished in hell. Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Alaih narrates that Abu Lahab would be punished lightly in the hell on Monday. Because he rejoiced and freed his handmaid indicating by his finger, when the Prophet of Allah Almighty (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) took birth. So as a reward of happiness on Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) he would be given water by his finger. (Saheehul Bukhari Vol. 2, Page 764)

Imam Shams ud din Naseer Al Damaishqi narrates this hadith in poetry. Here is its translation.

If such kafir was denounced (in the Quran)
And perished are his hands, and in the flame is his eternal abode.
It is narrated every Monday.
His torment is made easy for his joy at the birth of Ahmad. (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him)
What is the expectation then of a servant who spent all his life.
Happy with the arrival of Ahmad (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) and died on the one ness of Allah Almighty. (Haul-ul-Ahtifal Bil Mawlid Al-Nabvi Al Sharif, Page 11)

2) The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) celebrated his own Milad by having fast. Imam Wali ud din write this narration with reference to the Saheeh Muslim. When the Prophet of Allah (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) was asked about the fast of Monday. He (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) said:

“I took birth and the Quran was revealed upon me in this day.”
(Mishkat Sharif, Page 179)

This narration proves that to celebrate Milad un Nabi is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him) on every Monday. Secondly it is lawful to fix a particular day for Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him). Thirdly it is an act of sunnah to worship in the pleasure of the Milad un Nabi (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him)

Evidence of general consensus of Muslim ummah and scholars (Ulema)1) Imam Al-Hafiz Al-Suyuti in his famous book “Al-Hawii Lil-Fatawii” allocated a special chapter on that topic and named it “The Excellence of Objective in Celebrating the Mawlid” where he said: The question under consideration is what the verdict of the Shari’ah on celebrating the Holy Birthday of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) during the month of Rabbi-ul-Awwal. From the point of view of Shari’ah is this a praiseworthy action or a blameworthy one? And do those who arrange such celebration Receive blessings or not? He said:“The reply to this question is that in my view the Milad Shareef (Celebration of the Birthday of the Noble Prophet Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) is in fact such an occasion of happiness on which people assemble and recite the Holy Qu’ran to the extent that is easy. Then they relate the prophecies concerning the appearance of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) that have been transmitted in Ahadith and Author, and the miraculous events and signs that took place on his birth. Then food is set before them and according to their desire they partake thereof to satisfaction. This festival of celebrating the birthday of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) is a Bid’ah Hasanah (good Innovation) and those arranging it will get blessing, since in such a celebration is found the expression of joy and happiness at the greatness and eminence of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) and his birth”.

Even Ibn Tay’miah said in his book “Necessity of the Right Path”, p. 266, 5th line from the bottom of that page, published by Dar Al-Hadith, the following:

“As far as what people do during the Milad, either as a rival celebration to that which the Christian do during the time of Christ’s birthday or as an expression of their love and admiration and a sign of praise for the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him), Allah Almighty will surely reward them for such Ijtihad”. He then said: “Although Milad was not practiced by (Salaf), they should have done so since there was no objection against it from the Shari’ah point of view”.
And we certainly only celebrate Milad out of love and admiration to the Prophet of all Mankind.

  1. Imam Al-Hafiz Al-Qastalani, who gave commentary on Sahih Bukhari, said: “May Allah Almighty shower his Mercy upon a person who takes the days of the month of Rabbi-ul-Awwal, in which the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) was born, as days of feast and celebration for doing so is the best cure for the heart of an ailing person.”
  2. Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar was asked, same reference of Imam Suyuti, about Milad Shareef. His reply was:

“Milad Shareef is, in fact, and innovation, which was not transmitted from any pious predecessor in the first three centuries. Nevertheless, both acts of virtue as well as acts of abomination are found in it (i.e. Sometimes acts of virtue are found therein and sometimes acts of abomination). If in the Milad Shareef only acts of virtue are done and acts of abomination are abstained from, then the Milad Shareef is a Bid’ah Hasanah (good innovation), otherwise not.”
He then added ”
“To do any virtuous act and to observe it annually as means of recollection for any special day on which Allah Almighty has bestowed any favor or removed any calamity is a form of showing gratitude to Allah Almighty. Gratitude to Allah Almighty is expressed through different kinds of Ibaadah (worship) -prostration and standing in prayer, charity and recitation of the Holy Qu’ran. And what is a greater favor from Allah Almighty can there be than the appearance of the Prophet of Mercy (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) on this day (i.e. 12th of Rabbi-ul-Awwal)?” Some people do not limit it and celebrate the Milad Shareef on any day of Rabbi-ul-Awwal. Nay, some people have extended it even more and increased the period to the whole year. According to the latter, the Milad Shareef can be celebrated on any day of the year. The objective here is the same, i.e. to rejoice at and celebrate the Holy Birth of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him).

  1. Imam Abu-Bakr Abdullah Al-Dimashqi compiled a number of books on the subject and called them “Collection of Traditions on the Birth of the Chosen Prophet”, “The Pure Expression on the Birthday of the Best of Creations” and “The Spring for the Thirsty One on the Birth of the Rightly Guided”.
  2. Imam Al-Hafiz Al-Iraqi wrote a book and called it “The Pure Spring on the Sublime Birth”.
  3. Imam Ibn Dahyah wrote a book and called it “Enlightenment on the Birthday of the Bearer of Good News, The Warner”.
  4. Imam Mulla Ali Qari wrote a book and called it “The Quenching Spring on the Birthday of the Prophet”. (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him)
  5. Imam Shams ul-Din bin Naseer Al-Dimashqi, said in his book: “The Spring for the Thirsty One on the Birth of the Rightly Guided” about the story of Abu Lahab that he will receive a light punishment every Monday for expressing joy at the birth of the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon him) on that day. The Imam said the following verse of poetry, the translation is: If such Kafir was denounced in the (Qur’an) and perished are his hands, and in the Flames is his eternal abode It is narrated that every Monday.
    His torment is made easy for his Joy at the Birth of Ahmad What is the expectation then of a servant who spent all his life Happy with the Arrival of Ahmad (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) and died on the Oneness of Allah.
  6. Imam Shams Ul-Din Ibn aL-Jazri, the Imam of reciters, wrote a book and named it “The Scent of Notification on the Blessed Birthday”.
  7. Imam Al-Hafiz Ibn Al-Jawzi said in the description of Milad: “Peace and Tranquility takes over during that year and a good glad tiding to obtain your wish and inspiration”.
  8. Imam Abu-Shamah, The Sheikh of Al Hafiz Al Nawawi, said:

“The best of the innovations of our times is what is carried out on the day of corresponding to the birthday of our Beloved Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him), where people give out donations, practice what is right, express their joy and happiness, in doing so is surely a sign of love and admiration for the Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon him)”.

{July 21, 2013}   What if there was No MQM ?


I sometimes wonder what would happen to Pakistan’s politics if there was no MQM. Who would they blame for all their misery and plight? Who would be the common enemy? Who would be branded as traitors? Who would be used to distract the people of Pakistan of their real issues like electricity, jobs and security? What would happen to those who like to find all solutions of their troubles by just criticizing MQM ?

What more? What would happen to the people of Karachi and Southern Sindh who have gotten there as where they are today because of MQM ? So what would be the world like without MQM today. I’m blogging to draw an outline of a Karachi and Hyderabad without MQM. Than let you decide if you could have a progressive Pakistan without MQM and its leader Altaf Hussain.

1986 was the year when I was in Class three when I heard a sudden burst of fire next to my school whose window over looked into the Qasba area of Karachi. As my teacher came to take me down stairs. I could see people which I would not name taking aim at my school. I remember strongly my worried father rushing to take me back home. The same year I remember that whilst shopping with my Dad one Friday afternoon; all chaos broke loose when again a certain ethnicity was about to attack the area and we remember that my Dad drove our Toyota 74 Corolla like crazy into the thin alleys to save us from the probable attackers. I remember growing up out of fear at that time. These were the formative years of MQM.

Now lets assume if MQM by any chance was not formed. The Jihadist who were behind all these actions at that time and not an ethnicity would have taken over the city. Imagine if at that time those who suffered did not fight back or by any chance people would not have united behind MQM and its leadership especially Mr. Altaf Hussein. What could have happened to the city? We all crib today that lawlessness was introduced by MQM. But people MQM came into existence fighting off the same lawlessness. What if the guy taking an aim at my school would have shot me or my friends? I am sure any one even living in Lahore or confines of Islamabad would not like to even imagine it for a moment.

Technically speaking, three parties or may be a fourth would have held between them the mandate of the city. So would it have still stopped the Bhatta in the city since it always there before MQM and since we as a nation anyways decided to host an international terrorist like Dawood Ibrahim in our city in the mid 90’s, which we of course deny. He would have introduced it any ways. Would Lyari known for pushing drugs and smuggling would have desisted from doing their traditional way of business? I doubt so.

Come 1996 when Taliban movement picked up. And possibly with strong roots in Karachi without MQM many of our sons would have become fodder in an insane conflict in Afghanistan. Without MQM we might have been under attack post September 11 as it was MQM which showed solidarity with the international world by taking a peace rally and rightfully so; as now we are discovering via many commissions that most of the Al Qaeda terrorists were in Karachi. Imagine all of us would have been assumed in the same stride and an emotional USA’s reaction could have been painful.

The people of Karachi who are today seen as liberal and reformists in the eyes of the world would have been seen as terrorists instead. Would there have existed a Zamzama, even the modern schools which we all take pride in? Would there have existed even Cinema’s which were burned at the first opportunity during riots by Islamists? Would our daughters and sisters have been allowed to go to schools or colleges? Imagine without MQM; the influx of Talibans or Jihadists life could have been like living as in some parts of KPK. What worst we could have handed over a strategic port to these elements since we can see our establishment do not look in control over them.

Now lets not forget the feudals and landlords who were in control of the city. Do you think they would not have continued grabbing land. The nucleus of all parties which is corrupt would not have continued doing what they are good at i.e. loot and plunder? Who would have stood for your rights as we can see there is no allocation in the recent Sind budget for Urban Sind and there was hardly anything before.

Today, what ever any one might say. Karachi is not Talibanized. The people of Karachi who anyway would have been called Mohajirs for the rest of the life feel empowered to serve the nation. Now don’t say they would not have as in interviews during 90’s including myself at the Army application center I was reminded that I am a son of a Mohajir very rudely. Karachi continues to be the hub of Pakistan against all odds where efforts were made to malign its position by pushing development elsewhere and most importantly a united Karachi and Urban Sind has a more say in the center. Unlike where sorry to mention that now only one or two cities i.e. Lahore or Islamabad run the country whilst the rest are there to support. Correct me if I am wrong the same Nawaz Sharif who was so anxious to see Chief Justice to go to Mazar e Quaid on May 12th 2007 is yet to visit it after taking oath as a Prime Minister.

ImageKarachi Nights

Now I am sure I would invite the ire of many. But in my view and the many others. MQM and its leadership is the most sincere party to the Urban Sind whilst the rest like JI and PTI just want to use it as one of the cards up its sleeve in the center whilst for MQM this is the only card. All the more reason why they are sincere to it. Now we should not forget that MQM stood shoulder by shoulder with our Army and its intelligence when Talibans were cutting to size our soldiers elsewhere in the country. MQM has contributed through its manpower and its support to build Pakistan. Whilst they still await justice for Qasba massacre, Hyderabad carnage and the 1992 operation. They still stand by Pakistan. Now this shows clearly their sincerity to the nation that their forefathers built and I am sure if given its due credit can pull Pakistan out of its misery where they have proven if they could do it against all the odds in Urban Sind with hands tied. I am sure due to their strong nucleus and leader ship could deliver the same for Pakistan. Now I leave that for you to decide. Do you still want to see a Pakistan with or without MQM? My vote lies with it for our Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!


By Danish Kazi

Fireworks Photography

There are many exciting scenes around you that you can take photos of. You can take photos of wildlife, sports actions, nature, or portraits of your friends and family. However, one of the most exciting scenes to capture on your DSLR is a fireworks display. Here are some tips and camera settings for capturing picture perfect fireworks actions.



Get to the location a bit early and try to collect information on fireworks display timing, set up & from where the fireworks will be coming from. Find the right place with a nice foreground & background view  to position yourself, and take a few photos to get a feel of the focus. You will need to be quick in focusing, especially if the fireworks display is not going to last very long.


A regular lens will do when you’re taking fireworks photos, so if you’re new to photography and haven’t purchased a wide variety of lenses, don’t worry because the lens that your DSLR came with will be just fine. You don’t need a fast lens to shoot Fireworks. Remember, you are shooting bright light (fireworks trails), not the dark (sky). Zoom lenses are flexible & they make it easier to compose.

Tripod & Remote

A good quality tripod is a must for fireworks photography. The beauty of fireworks photography is in capturing the light trail or blur of the fireworks. To achieve that a long shutter speed (4-10 sec) is required. To keep the camera totally still & shake free for that long exposure a tripod will be very useful. Bulb mode is the best for fireworks photography. So, a remote release would also be very useful.

No Tripod?

However, if you don’t have a tripod with you, you can make do with something sturdy that you can brace the camera on. You will be shooting from a good distance from the actual fireworks display so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding something sturdy. The top of your car, or any other car, a steel railing or a fallen tree will do. Anything sturdy that you can use will do.



Focus manually. One tip on setting your focus settings early is to pick an object about the same distance as the fireworks.This is why it is important to know exactly where the fireworks will be coming from. Once you have a good idea of the distance, you can set you focus to an object approximately the same distance. When the actual fireworks display starts, you will already have your camera focused.


For your exposure settings, it would be good to set aperture to f/8 to f/16. Confused because you’ll be shooting in the dark? Don’t be because you may be shooting in the dark but your target will be pretty bright.


Best setting for fireworks photography is “Bulb”. To catch motion blur of fireworks 4-10 sec long shutter speed produces the best result. For that “bulb” setting & a remote provides more control. Well, if you don’t have a remote or cable release use your camera’s self timer.


You will also want to use ISO 100 to keep down the noise as much as possible.  Fireworks photographs are great if taken without too much noise and an ISO setting of 100 keeps down that noise as much as possible.

Composition & Tips

Once you’ve taken the first shot, take a short moment to analyze the photo so you can adjust your settings accordingly. You will most likely have taken quite a number of shots on your first try so you can capture the burst and not just the rocket going up. Quickly move to the frame where you captured the burst and analyze it. Avoid too many burst in a single frame. Early part of the display is the best for shooting fireworks. Later the sky becomes cloudy & hazy.

Fireworks photography is actually pretty simple, the only thing to really be aware of is to keep the camera very steady. Plan ahead so you can bring a tripod with you, but if you don’t have one and need to take the photos with the camera in your hands, make sure that you find a sturdy spot to brace yourself against.



Is it ?

الطاف بھائی کے پیٹ کا درد
جی ہاں ایم کیوایم کے قائد الطاف حسین کے پیٹ میں آج کل پھر سے پاکستان کی محبت کا درد اٹھ رہا ہے، اور وہ
پاکستان کو اس کے بانی جناح صاحب کا پاکستان بنانا چاہتے ہیں۔
شاید الطاف حسین کا ابھی جی نہیں بھرا ہے ،تاریخ تو شاید انہوں نے بھی پڑھی ہوگی، کچھ نہیں تو اپنے بزرگوں سے حادثاتِ ہجرت کے دلسوز واقعات تو سنے ہی ہوں گے، کیا وہ تقسیم ہند کے وقت اپنے آباﺅ اجداد کی جا بجا بکھری ہ
وئی لاشوں کے مناظر بھول گئے ہیں، اور شاید وہ ہجرت کی تکلیفوں کو بھی بھول گئے ہیں جو کہ دنیا کی تاریخ کی سب سے بڑی ہجرت تھی،ہمارے خیال میں اب تک تو ان کو سبق سیکھ لینا چاہیے تھا،لیکن وہ بضد ہیں اورایک بار پھر اپنی قوم کو ایک کڑے امتحان میں ڈالنا چاہتے ہیں۔
بھئی اگر اس ملک کا ایک طبقہ ہم کو پتھروں کے زمانے میں لے جانا چاہتا ہے، اپنی طرز کا اسلامی نظام حکومت دینا چاہتا ہے، عورتوں کی تعلیم اور ملازمتوں پر پابندی لگانا چاہتا ہے، بچیوں کے سروں میں ذرا ذرا سی بات پر گولیاں اتارنا چاہتا ہے تو الطاف بھائی کو کیا تکلیف ہے، طالبان سے ان کی کیا ایسی پرخاش ہے کہ وہ ان کو ایک آنکھ نہیں بھاتے،صدیوں کے بھٹکے ہوئے یہ جاہل آخری عمر میں کیا خاک مسلماں ہوں گے۔
آج کے پاکستان میں کسی بھی عام یا خاص شخص سے یہ کون سا سوال ہے کہ آپکو کس کا پاکستان چاہیے قائد اعظم کا یا طالبان کا، تو بھائی ان لوگوں سے کیا توقع رکھتے ہو جو کہ ایک صبح چودہ اگست کو اچانک پاکستانی بن گئے ، یا پھر مودودی کے چیلوں سے کیا امیدرکھی جائے جو کہ پہلے دن سے ہی اس ملک کے مخالف رہے تھے اور ہمارے قائد اعظم کو کافر اعظم کہتے تھے، یا پھر ان لوگوں سے یہ سوال جو راجہ داہر کو اپنا رہبر مانتے تھے،سرحدی گاندھیوں کے اس ملک میں ایسا ریفرنڈم کسی کے پیٹ کادرد ہی ہو سکتا ہے،دماغ کا خلل یا پھر کوئی ایسا جنون جو ہمیں پاکستان کے کسی اور سیاسی رہنما میں تو دکھائی نہیں دیا۔
ہم یہاں متحدہ قومی موومنٹ کے حامیوں سے یہ با ت ضرور کہیں گے کہ اس ریفرینڈم سے وہ کوئی زیادہ اچھی توقعات نہ رکھیں، نتیجہ شاید ان کے حق میں آنے کی امید بہت کم ہے، اب یہ ایک مختلف پاکستان ہے، جہاں شریف بدمعاش ہے، جہاں عدل سیاسی ہے، میڈیا کمرشل ہے بس ایک عسکری ادارہ ہی ایسا ہے جو کہ ہر مشکل وقت میں ملک کو بھنور سے نکال دیتا ہے اور اس کے باوجود گالیاں سننے کو ملتی ہیں۔ یہ وہ ملک ہے کہ زر مبادلہ بھیجنے والے ریڑھ کی ہڈی اورسیز پاکستانی سوتیلی اولاد کے طرح ہیں جنہیں ووٹ دینے کا اختیار تو دور کی بات ان پر تو اپنے ہی ملک میں رہنمائی سے محروم کرنے کی بات کی جاتی ہے۔
اگر غور سے دیکھا جائے تو جغرافیائی طور پر پاکستان اب شہری سندھ تک ہی اصل پاکستان رہ گیا ہے، ریفرینڈم تو اب یہ ہونا چاہیے کہ آپ کو پاکستان چاہیے یا پھر ہم جتنا بچا سکتے ہیں اتنا بچا لیں اور اپنے سینے سےلگا کر رکھ لیں ، جس پاکستان کو ہمارے آباو اجداد نے لہو دے کر سینچا تھا ہم اپنا لہو دے کر اس کو پروان چڑھا لیں گے۔ اگر ایسا ریفرینڈم کیا جائے تو ہمیں امید ہے کہ مسئلے کا حل جلد نکل آئے گا، ورنہ الطاف بھائی اور ان کی قوم بھیک میں ملی ہوئی حب الوطنی کو خیرات کی طرح سمیٹتے رہیں گے ۔ ادھرآنے والا مورخ شاید کچھ اور لکھنے کی تیاری کر رہا ہے، اسے پتہ ہے کہ یہ وہ لوگ ہیں جن کی ٹھوکر میں زمانہ ہے، اور اس ملک کے نام نہاد سیاسی رہنما یہ نہیں جانتے کہ حب الوطن ہی اس ملک کے لئے ریفرینڈم کرارہے ہیں انہیں آپ سے محب الوطن ہونے کا سرٹیفیکٹ نہیں چاہیے۔
بقول شاعر ۔ ۔ ۔
تم اک چراغ کی خیرات دے رہے ہو مجھے
میں آفتاب سے دامن چھڑا کر آیا ہوں

The filmmaker who produced an incendiary anti-Muslim movie that stirred extremists Tuesday to storm the U.S. embassy in Egypt and may be linked to the fatal attack on the U.S. ambassador in Libya has gone into hiding, as doubts rose as to his true identity.

Following yesterday’s riots, a California man calling himself Sam Bacile took credit for making the film “Innocence of the Muslims” and identified himself as an Israeli Jew in two news interviews. In an interview with the Associated Press, he called Islam “a cancer.”

But a search of public records and inconsistencies in Bacile’s own accounts, as well as information from a radical Christian who helped produced the movie all suggest that “Sam Bacile” is a pseudonym and is not Israeli but an Arab Christian.

“I’ve met him twice. He is not a citizen of Israel. He is in hiding,” Steve Klein, a member of a far-right anti-Islamic Christian group who says he helped with the film’s production, told ABC News.

Klein said Bacile was not Israeli or Jewish, and suggested he was an Arab Christian who was a U.S. citizen.

Three U.S. Christian groups, including two identified as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Council, and a third that advocates for Egyptian Christians, or Copts, have been linked to the production or eventual distribution of the movie.

The controversial Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who in 2010 sparked riots in Afghanistan after burning copies of the Koran, told ABC News in that he had been contacted to help distribute the film.

Klein, a member of the Church of Kaweah, listed as an anti-Muslim hate group, said Bacile and the film’s other backers were “refugees from the Middle East.”

“The folks that I’m working with have come from a culture where they’ve been tracked down, driven from their homes. Close family members have been kidnapped, raped and murdered,” said Klein of the filmmaker.

Christians in much of the Middle East are persecuted and their plight has been made a cause for many American fundamentalist Christians.

Morris Sadek, head of the National American Coptic Assembly, an Egyptian Christian group based in the U.S., confirmed to Reuters that he was involved in the film’s planned distribution.

Clips of the low-budget movie, which portrays the prophet Mohammed as a fraud, pedophile and homosexual appeared on the YouTube page of a person identified as “Sam Bacile,” who also left a later YouTube comment in colloquial Egyptian Arabic.

“Islam is a cancer, period,” Sam Bacile told the Associated Press in an interview before he allegedly went into hiding.

In two back-to-back interviews, Bacile gave conflicting and inconsistent pieces of information to two news outlets.

In an interview with the AP, Bacile, said he was 56 years old, in another, with the Wall Street Journal, he said he was 52. According to his YouTube profile he is 75 years old.

In one interview “Bacile” called himself “an Israeli Jew,” in the other he called himself an “Israeli-American.” Klein had indicated in an interview that Bacile was concerned for relatives still in Egypt.

Searches of U.S. public records including civil and criminal court documents and real estate filings revealed no mention anyone with Bacile’s name.

There is no record of a Sam Bacile, or a similarly named person, having received a real estate license in California.

A 13-minute trailer for the video was posted in July and received little notice.

Last week the trailer was dubbed in Arabic. The video was quickly viewed tens of thousands of times, but more importantly it was aired and discussed by influential and radical Muslim preachers with large satellite television audiences.

Many of the protesters in Egypt had never seen the video, but said it sparked them to storm the U.S. embassy on the anniversary of Sept. 11.

2013 is going to be the election year in Pakistan. There is a lot of political hip hop in Pakistan at the moment. Pakistan People’s Party has been in power for a record 5th time in history of Pakistan and have ruled us in last five years. Looking at the inflation, unemployment, war on terror impacts on Pakistanis and especially the energy crisis in Pakistan, PPP has failed miserably in governance. Imran Khan has become a self proclaimed messiah of the doomed nation in the mean time. I have impartially considered him to see if he deserves my vote, and the answer my analysis as a layman brings forward is a big NO. Here are my reasons to say No to Imran Khan’s Change.

  • Imran Khan a rolling stone???

Pakistanis have loved Imran Khan deeply. There were slogans like “Lion of Pakistan, Imran Khan, Imran Khan” in the 1980s which I remember from my childhood. What was the back ground? Did Imran present the country’s budget? No. Was it some meeting with a foreign delegation for future direct investment? No. Was he involved in preparing the country’s defence plan? No. Then what was the source of love and respect he gained? Oh now I remember. He was a sportsman. One of the best ones in his field. He is from a family of cricketers, and he has spent 45 years of his life becoming an expert in Cricket. One fine day he decides to sort out the social, legal, governance, health, poverty, employment and defence related problems of Pakistan and that makes me laugh. A person who has all his life’s experience in Cricket considers himself better for running a country? Too optimistic and kiddish. Is Imran a rolling stone not? Who will gather no moss?

  • Imran Khan’s language-do I want my representative to speak like he does nowadays?

Not at all. With power comes responsibility. This is especially true if you are an elected member of national assembly. A person who ridicules his opponents (well till the time they remain his opponents) with language not worthy of it, how will he treat the people if he ever comes in power? What happened to the decent Imran Khan we knew? Or was the “Finally “I” managed to win the world Cup” speech is just his nature? His language is most definitely my reason of NOT voting for him.

  • Imran Khan’s focus-why is it adjusted on Punjab only?

One major thing that makes me believe Imran Khan is not a good choice for my vote is his extreme focus on Punjab. An unbiased review of the performance of all 4 provinces in last 5 years will prove that Punjab Government has launched a lot many projects for public benefit in comparison to the other 3 provincial governments and the federal government put together. In Punjab the 2010 floods were tackled much better in terms of relief in comparison to Sindh where flood water of 2010 is still standing in some low lying areas. Im sure Punjab can be run much better than this, but in the given circumstances it still happens to be the most well managed province in Pakistan. Why Imran Khan is NOT concerned about any other part of Pakistan? The people dying in target killings daily in Karachi are not Pakistanis? The Hazara shias being killed in Quetta are not Muslims? The people killed by Taliban and other extremists in KPK are not Humans? Why is his concern and criticism only focused on Punjab? Makes me believe Imran has no plan for Pakistan. Whatever he is planning is only for Punjab. This makes him unfit to get my vote as premiere of Pakistan.

  • Imran’s politics is too bookish

Pakistan is a complex socio-political region. We are not simple people to deal with. There are forces like religion, economics and social pressures of very different kinds that shape our daily lives. I find Imran Khan’s solution to our problems very bookish. Who in his right senses would claim he would end the war on terror on his first day in office? Or that he can root out corruption in this culture within 9 days?  This society is no Europe or USA. Imran seems to know very little about the nation he claims to be the savior of.

  • Imran’s followers and their “holier than thou” attitude

Something is wrong with Imran and his followers. I searched for information myself but couldn’t find any information related to how Imran Khan earns. Also, it looks like he never filed a tax return all his cricketing life. Amazing is the fact that Imran still points out others for not paying taxes. What can you think of a person who does not follow a rule, but wants others to follow? I do not want a person with this double standard to be my leader. Imran’s followers have every right to like him, but no right to disrespect other leaders. They follow Imran and use foul language. They go to the level that they declare you a non patriot if you don’t like Imran. Is Imran some kind of “farz”? No. And this attitude is trickling down from his own person to his followers. He considers himself better for no reason and after committing the same mistakes others do, he screams at top of his voice what others are doing. Again. Kiddish. Again, NO!

  • Imran’s zana case, and allegations on SKMH funds misuse

Being a Muslim do I really want a playboy of his youth to be my leader? No. Imran had an illegitimate daughter borne to Sita White. The kid in now in guardian custody of Jemima James, Imran’s ex wife. Though the court in USA has declared her to be Imran’s daughter where Sita White won the parental rights case against Imran, Tyrian Khan’s eyes are enough proof of her being Imran’s daughter. Being a playboy all his life, he has had a lot of illegal relationships out of wedlock with a number of women. The story does not end here. Imran Khan proves himself to be a hypocrite when he points fingers at others for looking at a woman. A recent press conference where he demanded from Nawaz Sharif the PML (N) chief to confirm if he has been loyal with his wife is something disgusting. This s disgusting not because of the cheapness of question, but because of the fact that the cheapest of all playboys is asking the question! Imran, a hypocrite-NO to him yet again!

Recently Khwaja Asif from PMLN has brought forward this issue of funds of zakat from SKMH being invested outside Pakistan. The information comes from the audit report of SKMH, so it cannot be a scam. SKMH is a great initiative by Imran Khan which he achieved by th support of all Pakistan. Doesn’t we deserve an explanation about this funds misuse? No explanation till now. Zakat funds CANNOT be used for investment. I have been donating to SKMH till this issue came to limelight and no one has ever asked me at SKMH collection booths about the money if it is zakat or not. The funds received are thus a mix of zakat and other donations and cannot and must not be misused. Imran can betray the people who stood by him for making this hospital a reality. Imran can take the credit of winning the World Cup alone when it was a squad of 16 who did it. Imran can betray his mother’s name in SKMH scams. Is he trust worthy then? NO.

  • Imran has no plan but allegations and statements only

Whenever I have tried to see Imran Khan’s point of view from a neutral point of view I have always found he has no plan. He knows nothing about how things work in Pakistan. All he can do is bringing forward more and more allegations. This style of work might be good for a Star Plus daily Soap but Pakistan for sure needs better workable plans. He brings forward allegations, claims to have proofs, never brings forward the proofs. So, is it all a hoax? Looks like that other wise he would have shown something-anything which can be considered as a proof in last 15 years. Indecent attitude- A big NO to Imran Khan.

  • Finally, Imran’s Team and his Change

Since we started having general elections in Pakistan, we have seen Kasuris, Tareens. Legharis-What’s new then? Where is the change? Just that we have to vote for the same person under a new party name and that is all? A Kasuri we have had in parliament some five times and now he is being introduced as a CHANGE? Imran Khan really considers Pakistanis to be idiots, isn’t it the case?

So, what do I say to a rolling stone, who uses indecent language, is focused only on one province out of four, offers bookish solutions, with a proven zana case and SKMH funds allegation still carries that “holier than thou” attitude, is all about allegations and no proofs and promises to bring change by bringing back all so familiar faces to the national assembly-A big NO!

Imran Khan does not deserve my Vote. That’s my analysis. I respect everybody’s views. Respect mine as well.


{May 28, 2012}   EVOLUTION OF A NATION

Pakistan was inevitable. This has been discussed thoroughly by so many for so many years. In prepartition India there lived many nationalities, collectively called Indians. When India was divided on 14th August 1947 we took a pencil and on the map of the world drew out the map of Pakistan. We made Pakistan-and sowed the seed of a Pakistani Nation, expecting that in time it would germinate to a nation. On the independence day we did not transform all the Sindhis, punjabis, pushtoons etc into a Pakistani nation. Of course we hoped that these all would one day be knitted into a homogeneous mass. To me division of India was no less than a upheaval like an earthquake in the lives, society, of people of India, on both sides. In an earth quake every thing turns upside down-so did the society, it was uprooted. The most to suffer were the “QADRAIN”(traditions). It is not only that the immigrants from both sides were uprooted- but the left behind also transformed-to fill the vacuum created by the fleeing! Livelihood was to be searched anew in an alien environment. Caution for respect, right and wrong decent and indecent became secondary. One  availed the god sent opportunity. Thus barring a few, many became “Sayeds and many chaudhri and maliks!


The socioeconomic status of the people in areas now in Pakistan can be gauged to some extent by the fact that prior to partition in the railway divisional office at Karachi Cantt., out of 350 employees only two were muslims-one Sindhi peon and the other a pathan chowkidar! This is how the saplings of would be nation have started taking root.    Job opportunities were limited as agriculture being the major pursuit was hindered by scarcity of water and industry was nonexistent. In Sind, here in Karachi we could boast of a bone mill near manghopir and Dalmia Cement factory and a Khopra mill at Garden, a biscuit factory “J.B. Mangaram Biscuit factory at Sukkur. That was all! Soon the need for infrastructure, water, industry, electricity and every thing was contemplated. Soon we were in competition. We are in a hurry. We wish to compete with nations that are much, much older than us- We wish to reach the stars. We have set our goals very high in almost every sphere. When ever we compare ourselves or our short comings we take the U.S.A., Britain, Germany and China as instances. We do not compare ourselves among the likes of us. Britain was not much different some three centuries ago. So was not U.S.A. Chinese nation is thousands years old! No where there is so heterogenic society as in India, Pakistan and the U.S.A. The difference has been that India had been developed by the time of partition to great extent.


The North america faced the first invasion after having become U.S.A. for some 250 or so years. Pakistan fought three wars in its infancy. without any ally!  Whatever allies we did have they stabbed us in the back. India had been amassed with loads of armament and in 1965 war embargo was clamped on supply of armament to Pakistan, cunningly to appear very righteous, on India too. In December 1970 our friends woke from slumber and the 7th fleet rolled on snails pace to reach where it was never intended to. Any how not repenting on and correcting our mistakes we are trudging along. To my mind we have committed two major mistakes.

1.We have not understood creation of Pakistan. Why Pakistan? Why two nation theory or what is it in plain words. We are very simple people. We do not understand signs and symbols. We understand straight words and the meanings there of. We lilke to be spoon fed. Pakistan was created so that the muslims of india could live, practise their deen Islam/ or islam was to be saved, islam was in danger. How? THERE WAS NO RESTRICTION ON MOSQUES OR OFFERING PRAYERS IN INDIA. THERE WAS NO RESTRICTION ON FASTING, PERHAPS SIMILAR QUOTA FOR HAJIS, NO RESTRICTION ON ZAKAT. Islam is not confined in slaughtering of cow, if sacred in certain indian regions. I recite La Ilaha illallah, who knows if I am reciting the kalema from unfathomable depths of my heart?  MUSLIMS OF IDNIA WERE THREATENED ECONOMICALLY!

In a homeland of their own they were to share the common economy.  The bread was to feed all the components. Not that if one took a bite the others snarled and glared. Similarly the power was to be shared too, so that no body is to lament to be the “fourth Darvesh” and exclaim “SAG BASH BROTHER KHURD MA BASH” {one should prefer to be a dog than to be a younger brother)! I wonder how the liliputian Japs and the Viets took on mighty america! The key lies in Wali Khans formula of “ ONE PROVINCE ONE VOTE” for power, and pronouncement of NATIONAL FINANCE COMMITTEE AWARD, that  Musharraf having been all mighty has not been able to do and his cronies don’t have the heart. This is also one of the reason of so many one man political parties in the country.

2.We did not hold any elections in early days and when ever elections had been held were a farce! Though the façade of 1970 election is termed to be fair. I am sure had they been, at least results from Sukkur and Larkana would have been declared null and void. The result to day is that every body is a self styled “Rustam”. Let there be a true Dangal and let the giants cut themselves to size. The powers that be can always exercise their might. By declaring 98% turnout for the winner in the referendum, when the required number was paltry 10 votes to be successful, the powers only reminded the victor and the masses as to who were the king makers. ZAB forgot and was punished. Since we are a nation in the making every thing that we make can not be ship shape and to our liking. It is a continual trial and error process. We pick a piece and start cutting it to a glittering diamond, dismayed at the result, throw it and start all over again. There is progress at least, how so ever microscopic. Nations do not evolve overnight. NEITHER DOES DIAMOND!  At 60 we are only toddlers! Not that we have not achieved any thing. It is heartening that now every body, ALMOST, is wishing for fresh air in HIS OWN SPACE!

{February 29, 2012}   Mohajir identity – Ali Chishti

Supporters of Muttahida Quami Movement attend a rally in Karachi

In my book tracing the origins of the word, Mohajir, I wrote, “the word Mohajir (capital M) is vaguely traced to the 1970s and 80s, when the persecution of people of Indian ancestry gained momentum. It simply stated, when the Punjabis started calling them “HindustaaNRaan”, and the Pathans and Sindhis labelled them as “Panah Guzeer” and “Makars”, the immigrants started calling themselves “Mohajirs”, since they cannot really relate with the other four ethnicities.

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Now, the word with the capital M has come to symbolise, correctly or incorrectly, all people who came from minority provinces of India or are the descendants of those immigrants. For me however the word “Mohajir” is not an honorific title or something to complain about – it’s simply a statement of being from somewhere else. In fact, “Ansaar” is a more positive word which means “those who help” which is something similar to democratic ideals vs democratic party. Similarly when the white Americans were searching for all kinds of nomenclature for African Americans (Negros, coloured people, and worse) these African Americans chose to call themselves “Black” Americans.

But there’s a serious identity crisis within the Mohajir community be it a general in the army or a ‘babu’ at the foreign office, or a butcher in Orangi town – it’s a community in search of its roots because in all ‘practicality’ and there’s a strong feeling that the ‘Mohajirs’ had been rejected by other ethnicities in Pakistan. Later, Altaf Hussain, the man who is credited to have given the Mohajirs a somewhat-political identity in a book titled “Safar-e-Zindagi” published in 1989, described Mohajirs as “those who migrated from smaller provinces of undivided Hindustan to Pakistan”.

The Partition was something no-one really wanted and it only became inevitable when the Congress leadership rejected the Cabinet Mission Plan after initially accepting it.

Mohajir identity has evolved through the years and transformed from being a right-wing Jamaat-e-Islami or JUI supported movement to a centrist ethno-political identity

Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam, could do no more than to console his countrymen, “We have been squeezed in as much as was possible and the latest blow that we have received is the Award of the Boundary Commission. It is an unjust, incomprehensible and even perverse Award. It may be wrong, unjust and perverse; and it may not be a judicial but a political award, but we have agreed to abide by it and it is binding upon us. As honourable people we must abide by it. It may be our misfortune but we must bear up this one more blow with fortitude, courage and hope.” Mohajirs migrated from as far as Calcutta, Malabar, Aurangabad, Amritsar, Patna and Ahmadabad and other Muslim minority provinces leaving not just “everything” but “everyone” behind.

Pakistan originally envisioned by Iqbal had no Bangladesh but only consisted of what is Pakistan now. The leadership of Pakistan later made sure that Pakistan would transform from Jinnah’s Pakistan to Iqbal’s Pakistan resulting in yet another partition that ruined the ideological basis on which the first Partition took place. And that is why the 1971 setback hurt the Mohajirs.

And there are warnings more such partitions are likely if the status quo does not change. Many Mohajirs, Sindhis, the Baloch, Pathans, and even Kashmiris will reach the point of no return. Islam could not eventually become a unifying factor for East and West Pakistan.

The 18th Amendment had been a good start of a new social contract which is not ground-breaking, but a start nevertheless.

Be it a general in the army or a ‘babu’ at the foreign office, or a butcher in Orangi town – it’s a community in search of its roots

But to save, Pakistan we need full provincial autonomy and nothing else. We should realise the gravity of situation in Baluchistan, Pakhtunkhua and Sindh where million’s are dying of hunger and the frustration against the state is at its height. Perhaps we need to take a breather, reflect on the situation, consider all our options, and then have a polite national debate, without the use of force, riots, Rangers, or street power, to decide if and how we can live together, or if we should go our separate ways.

During his rule, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto began to crush his opposition within Sindh. He started “Sindhisation” campaign and introduced the Language Bill in 1973-1974 making Sindhi language compulsory for all students in Sindh, a move which caused rioting in Sindh. During nationalisation move, Mohajirs believe only the businesses they owned were targeted. Similarly, they say the quota system deprived the deserving Mohajir the right to get into universities and jobs and hundreds of less educated and less competent people were appointed as schoolteachers.

The army inspired action against Mohajirs in the 1990s led to an exodus of many talented families from Karachi/Hyderabad. Hundreds and thousands of educated boys and girls were forced to migrate. They now feel secure and have no desire to return, and that leads to the impending problem with Karachi and Pakistan in general – the loss of valuable human capital. In what was called “Operation Clean-up”, more than 15,000 Mohajirs were murdered in extra-judicial killings in Karachi alone. Women were raped and were even seen carrying the bodies of their dead male relatives. The operation also ruined the economy of Karachi.

In an interesting study I carried out about Mohajir identity at various colleges and educational institutions for my upcoming book tracing the roots of Mohajir political movement and identity, 73% of adult student’s identified themselves as Mohajir first and Muslim second. This shows that Mohajir identity has evolved through the years and has transformed from being a right-wing Jamaat-e-Islami or JUI supported movement to a centrist or a left-wing ethno-political identity which surpasses religious identity. The MQM – which has now transformed into ‘Muthida’ but is in fact a Mohajir-centric party made to safeguard the rights of Mohajirs in Urban Sindh – is a clear example of this new identity.

And while the word Mohajir remains controversial and often used by lower classes, the middle and upper classes in the community tend to classify themselves as “Urdu Speaking”. For them, the term Mohajir represents the “hateful past”.

During my research work, I met MQM Rabbita Committee’s Kunwar Khalid Younas – one of the soft faces of MQM – who has been writing in English for years defending the MQM and coining or using terms like the “Urdu Speaking Community” or USC. But one sub-community, the Memons, do not agree, because Urdu is not their first language.

So where does the Mohajir identity stand today, and has it become weaker or stronger with time? Statistics of ethnic violence show that in a very polarised Karachi, Mohajir nationalism or identity has become stronger, except in the middle class.

The real issues that Pakistan faces today are poverty, illiteracy, and violation of human rights. And the people of Pakistan must realise that these are the issues political decisions should be based on. Mohajir nationalism will only weaken when the sense of equality and justice is restored in the society.

Ali Chishti is a TFT reporter based in Karachi. He can be reached at 

Few tips from Randy Schrum for use of Linkedin…

Dear Colleagues,

So what makes a highly successful Linkedin Job member?

Here is what I have discovered as not only habits, but also “secrets” of the treasure chest on Linkedin.

1. They invest their time strategically by putting fresh content on Linkedin when it’s the best time to do so. Let me explain, for me weekends are times to prepare Linkedin content, but as you will notice most collaboration does not take place on weekends. So hold the great Q/A’s, the awesome discussion topics, or the great status updates until Monday and never late Friday. Think about what your audience is doing and be strategic.

2. They use their status update to post something new every 24 to 48 hours and 80% of those updates include a link that gives a call to action. Such as signing up for your next webinar, promotions to visit your blog, to visit your resume, or visiting your corporate website etc…

3. They answer target specific questions that are related to their target market. This is great exposure for your business that Linkedin Pros are doing everyday!

4. They use the “saved” search “alerts” option for both advanced searches and job searches. By doing this you can be alerted instantly when opportunies become available such as new prospects or jobs. This allows you to reach out before the masses.

5. They answer every Linkedin email/inmail. Maybe not timely, but they never waste an opportunity!

6. They post their company events on the events application provided by Linkedin and use this as a way to measure interest and involvement for such things as conferences, webinars, or seminars. The events application has only been recently used by Linkedin Elite, but many are beginning to wise up to its amazing potential.

7. These highly successful members have identified their target markets on Linkedin, their goals on Linkedin, and are executing their plan every single work day. Social Media can be measured, but most don’t understand how to begin measuring their Social Media efforts because they have never identified their goals for using the Linkedin space. Once you have identified your goals then you can build a measurable matrix to analyze your efforts.

I hope you enjoyed these highlights that will help in your LinkedIn efforts.
Please share any other tips you have for our group members.

Randy Schrum

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Linkedin Job Members

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