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Why is there a need to dig in the frivolous differences between two genders ? We can’t agree more that both the genders are indispensable and inter-dependent. However, it has becoming more and more vital to bring a real picture on this inter-dependence because of increase in bogus theories on genders. Idle people wouldn’t ask anything more than an opportunity for writing about genders especially on how women have come a long way by particularly mentioning about so-called oppression by men. I wonder what sort of intoxication they experience after glorifying their so-called achievements and falsely condemning men. Lets look at this gender issue from an angle, which women would never dare to look.
Why a man is what he is ? Why a woman is what she is ?
Women are natural bisexual beings and hence they hit it off quite comfortably with other women. Men, on the other hand, breed healthy competition with other men, which hinder their emotional bonding. Since women receive considerable emotional support from other women, the need of support from a man is not intense. Men do not receive the emotional support from other men and hence they crave for support from women. Women bonds with other women so remarkably that they tend to display dispassionate feelings for men. They refuse to accept what men are made of. This is called Feminism. Men are so much deprived of emotional support because of their masculinity status in the society that they tend to display persistent attraction towards women to acknowledge their emotional hunger. Unfortunately, they are given a bad name for acknowledging their natural attraction towards the opposite sex. Unlike earlier times, women have too started to acknowledge their physical wants and condemn men for suppressing women for so long, which has absolutely not rationale. It seems that women are unable to blame their own self for entertaining their mental blocks and feel relieved by blaming on men. Society believes that masculinity are devoid of basic emotions and do not require emotional support, which is an emotional abuse for men. Therefore, people begin to make irrational judgments that men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love. Why can’t this imply that a man can give love but a woman can’t ?
What a man would do if he does not receive that emotional support from another woman especially after acknowledging the unproven norm that men are emotionally stronger too ? What will a man do after observing that woman does not possess the quality that would give him emotional support ? It is too easy for women to judge men especially when men fundamentally don’t display their need of emotional support because of fear of rejection and misunderstanding. Societies norms are such absurd that they would label a man gay if he seeks a support from another man or feeble-minded if he seeks support from another woman. What will a man do in such a situation ? Women most often tend to believe that men do not want to get into a commitment because they believe men crave different sexual partners. Basically, men are too insecure and cautious of losing his freedom, which is in fact true after seeing what happens to a woman after she possesses his commitment. Why would a woman want a man to follow all her instructions and fulfill all her wildest demands ? From where this norm was established that a man’s duty is to make a woman happy by all possible or impossible means ? How would a woman defend herself on such emotional abuse that a man goes through all his life ?
Now when women are beginning to achieve their unfulfilled goals and acknowledging their own potentials by completing education and pursuing a promising career, they must now look at the unproven norm from a justified angle. No. They won’t. Why ? Why would they lose such a wonderful opportunity where they could get the best of both the worlds ? They are free to do whatever they want with the whole world present to protect their rights and also enjoy the established norm that man’s duty is to make a woman happy. However, after such a radical transformation in the society, chances of refuting the established norms about men’s duties and rights are remote. Why ? Because the society sees physical strength as a duty towards women. The whole women liberation drama would have been beneficial for women if they had focused on what they want from their own self instead of what they must demand from men. And just to make it appear reasonable, women have begun to move the courtrooms to get their demands fulfilled by men. Why can’t we assume that women liberation is all about getting what women want from men legally ? If women liberation is about being independent then why women want men to support all their whimsical demands ?
Perhaps the gender inter-dependence has come to its saturation and will only decline in the coming years. The picture has already been seen with the increasing divorce, domestic violence, extramarital affairs, incest and many more. Wouldn’t it be necessary to look at the gender differences from both the gender’s view point instead of only women ? Wouldn’t it be realistic to acknowledge the fact that man and a woman are no longer inter-dependent because of coerced incompatibility and societies impractical norms ? From where women have received the rights to torture men’s sensibilities just because he is different from woman ? Why can’t a man be a man ? Why a woman dislike a man for what he really is ? Why can’t a woman just accept this difference with an open minded instead of ruthlessly exposing men to emotional abuse ? Why a woman wants a man to be like a woman ? Why a woman wants to be free at the same time take away the freedom of a man ?

This is Feminism

Would it be asking too much from a woman just to accept a man the way he is ? Masculinity is beginning to appear as a liability for men because they are allotted to fulfilled all the wishes of a woman. Isn’t this an emotional abuse towards men ? It seems that a man is paying a price for being a man and woman is enjoying the rights of being a woman. Does masculinity have to pay such a price that a man is liable to go to any heights to be accepted in the women’s society ? Because of the irrational norms, men are becoming victims of their own masculinity, thanks to feminism for establishing this norm. If a man does not conform to the norm then he is ridiculed and condemned in the society for being harsh towards women. Who has assigned this duty on men of protecting and providing women in all circumstances ? Who says that physical strength entails duty of protecting and providing women ?
The time has come for men to understand that it would be beneficial to reject the desire of emotional support from women. Women have lost the ability to support anybody for that matter and apparently continue to create such vindictive norms to fuel their pride. Its time we men begin to take charge of comforting our own emotional self by respecting our physical body and taste the bliss of freedom. Why can’t we men stretch the boundaries of our achievement and attain knowledge of the unknown ? Wouldn’t it be worth a life to accomplishment something that has never been thought before ? Wouldn’t it be worth a life to tread an unknown path and discover our limits of our potentials ? We men are more than convinced that women can’t satisfy our thirst for knowledge. How would you personally feel if you realized that never before you have thought of attaining a self-fulfilling life ? This is Maleism. If a woman is to procreate then man is to create. Create our own destiny, create a whole new world for our self, create an environment that would catapult us into a realm of self-discovery. Why would men want to continue to be the slaves of their own momentary sentiments which will come and vanish without a trace ? It was always a woman’s world from the outset. Let us all unite by providing emotional support to each other and make it a man’s world.

This is Maleism.


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