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The list of English words crosses the 1,000 figure, while the Urdu list has over 550 words.


KARACHI: After rumours of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) imposing a ban on porn sites in the country, a new PTA letter floating online orders the imposition of a “system” to ban select words in mobile SMS messages.

A set of two extensive lists in English and Urdu have allegedly been compiled by the PTA. The list of English words crosses the 1,000 figure, while the Urdu list contains over 550 words.

A scan of the letter (dated November 14, 2011) sent from Muhammad Talib Doger, Director General (Services) PTA, states that the filtering of content through SMS must be considered under the scope of “Protection from Spam, Unsolicited, Fraudulent and Obnoxious Communication Regulations, 2009″ and the SOPs laid down to control spamming. The letter is written with reference to a meeting held with mobile phone operators on October 18, 2011 in Islamabad.

PTA has ordered the implementation of the system within seven days of the issuance of the said letter. All operators have been asked to submit a monthly report to PTA regarding the number of blocked text messages.

“Spamming” has been defined as:

The transmission of harmful, fraudulent, misleading, illegal or unsolicited messages in bulk to any person without express permission of the recipient, or causing any electronic system to show any such message or is being involved in falsified online user account registration or falsified domain name registration for commercial purpose.

The letter states that under the “provisions and dictum” by the higher courts, the “fundamental rights of privacy and freedom of speech and expressions guaranteed under the constitution are not unrestricted and are subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by law”.

Clause (d) of sub-section (1) of section 31 of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 states that:

Whoever “unauthorisedly transmits through a telecommunication system or telecommunication service any intelligence which he knows or has reason to be false, fabricated, indecent or obscene” is an offence under the Act.

Content filtering may be done through “through automated machine process(s)/function(s)”  without reading or disclosing “content of intelligence” by a human being in order to protect consumers under provisions of the Act.

Under license condition No.7.8 of the cellular mobile license:

The Licensee shall take all reasonable steps to track, locate and prevent the source of harassing, unsolicited, offensive, fraudulent or unlawful communication.

Director PR for PTA, Mohammad Younis, while speaking to The Express Tribune, said that he was not aware of any such letter being sent out, adding that many letters are sent out to operators every day, and not all of them go through the PR office.

Speaking on whether the PTA had taken a decision on SMS filtering in the past, Younis said that the authority does not take such decisions and only passes on the instructions to licensees once a decision is taken by a ministerial committee.

While much of the list contains expletives, a number of words to be banned include medical terms, terms used by particular minority groups, common words from the English language and rap group, WuTang Clan.

Medical terms to be banned:

Athletes foot









Daily usage words to be banned:







Religious terms to be banned:


Jesus Christ

LGBT terms to be banned:




Musicians/artists to be banned:


Source:  Tribune Pakistan


What the fuck :O , Never been a fan of words like ROFL, LMAO, LOL etc etc……but if you go through the list of “supposedly”  banned words by the PTA you will literally be ROFLYAO (The Y stands for your instead of M for my). I won’t write anything just go through this and imagine what baboons are running this country.

Seems like PTA’s “Farigh” intellectuals just copy/paste some hindi/indian website words and forcing us not to use them as you can see in the list as well that most of the words in Urdu list are used by hindus in India.

For the list of urdu words click here.
For the list of english words click here.

Enjoy family texting from now on :).
PS: I hope these lists are false though.

Kisses have a right to take an honorable position on the list of functions of the human brain. Every human being living on planet Earth enables this function throughout their lives: women kiss men, men kiss women, Fidel Castro kisses Kim Jong-Il, etc. It is generally believed that one does not have to be smart to learn how to kiss. However, the issue is worth being analyzed from the scientific point of view.

A lot of scientists dedicated their numerous works to the matter of people’s desire to kiss each other. Below you can find ten facts about the art of kissing.

01.About 30 muscles work very actively during the renowned French kiss: twelve of them control the movements of lips and eleven muscles are responsible for the tongue. The “French experience” accelerates the pulse from 70 to 150 beats per minute.

02. Young people start kissing two or three years before they launch their sex lives. Fifty percent of males experience the excitement of the first kiss at 13 or 14 years of age.

03. The longest kiss ever lasted for 17 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes. The record can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records, although the kissing couple had to be hospitalized with severe exhaustion. When they recovered, they never met each other again.

04. Kissing on the lips is the most popular way of kissing among men – over 67 percent of men expressed their approval. Fifty-six percent of men said they had nothing against kissing on the cheeks and 26 percent highly appreciated intimate kisses of the genitals (don’t tell anyone). Toe kissing enjoys the smallest popularity – only one percent of male respondents approved it.

05. Fifteen percent of women said they would be ready to break apart with their boyfriend just because of his bad kissing capabilities. Women hate it, when the man’s tongue is weak at kissing.

06. There are 278 types of germs living in the mouth of a human being. Those germs are harmless: when two people kiss, thousands of germs flow from one mouth to another. In such cases they produce enzymes and natural antibiotics for self-defense. As a result, the bodies of the two kissing individuals develop resistibility against all other pathogenic bacteria.

07. Lipstick commercials deliberately falsify the truth. Sixty-three percent of male respondents said that they prefer to kiss women’s lips without lipstick on. They said that it was more natural and did not leave any traces all over the face. Forty-nine percent of men said that they liked to kiss slightly moisturized and soft lips. Only 35 percent said that they adored full, erotic lips aka Pamela Anderson. Monica Belucci, Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone are most popular celebrities, whose lips are considered very attractive for kisses.

08. Fifty-five percent of respondents said that the kiss of Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable was the most outstanding in “Gone with the Wind.” Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas rank second with their “Basic Instinct” kiss. Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell finish the top three of best cinema kisses with their romantic kiss in heavy rainfall in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.

09. Scientists say that humans started kissing each other in the Age of Reptiles. However, the fact was acknowledged only in the XVI century. Earlier documentation and literature do not contain any description of kisses between man and woman. On the other hand, the characters of antiquity and ancient East greeted each other with kisses, even if they were kisses between two men – it was considered absolutely normal.

10. Forty-four percent of male and 48 percent of female respondents said they could not stand bites in the exquisite process of kissing. Women (39 percent) do not like to kiss slobbery men, although only 23 percent of men said that they were against the wet kissing. The most important kind of kiss, as 54 percent of men said, is to kiss a woman that you do not like.


We are aware of the Pakistani starlet Veena Malik falling all over Bollywood

actor Ashmit Patel in Bigg Boss. Her antics have made Veena quite a ‘drama queen’ on the reality show. But not many know that Veena actually bagged the show, thanks to none other than Ashmit’s own public relations officer, Dale Bhagwagar.
Earlier in Pakistan, Veena Malik achieved instant popularity when she claimed that her ex-boyfriend, cricketer Mohammad Asif, was involved in match-fixing. The cricketing scandal made bigger headlines when Asif, along with two other players Mohammad Amir and Salman Butt, were suspended by the Pakistan Cricket Board, while Interpol and Scotland Yard began investigating the case.

Even then, not many knew Veena Malik in India, before Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar stepped in. It began with an obscure news report with Veena alleging from Pakistan that Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra (also a PR client of Bhagwagar) was having links with the now-tainted Mohammad Asif, and that she was also involved in the match-fixing scandal with him.
The frivolous allegation enraged Neetu and her publicist, and the latter called a press meet, vehemently refuting Veena’s outrageous claims. The PR specialist’s hard-hitting denials all over the media turned out to be a hundred times stronger than Veena’s controversial allegations. In the bargain, the Pakistani starlet hit national headlines in India. Adding to the drama, live debates ensued between Veena and Neetu’s publicist on Indian television for almost two weeks.
Some media professionals even speculated that out of the many actresses in Bollywood, Veena probably chose to attack Neetu Chandra, well knowing that she had a far-reaching publicist with her. Many even believed, Veena deliberately provoked the PR guru into mass retaliation in media, to attain instant fame in India and get a passport to Bollywood.
Since Bigg Boss loves controversy and confrontations, both Neetu Chandra and Veena Malik got invited to be a part of the reality show. Neetu declined, while Veena jumped to the opportunity.
And now, in the Bigg Boss House, Veena is seen kissing, cuddling and caressing the PR client (Ashmit Patel), of the same publicist (Bhagwagar), responsible not only for her popularity in India, but also her presence on the reality show.
Wonder if Veena is working her charms on Ashmit in a bid to ‘use’ the same publicist once again for free national media mileage outside the Bigg Boss House, while she openly flirts with the actor inside!

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