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{November 23, 2011}   Imran Khan is No Choice !

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Syed Ali

Oct 18, 2011

Imran Khan & Jamima

About his youth mistakes, Imran Khan (IK) says that he never claims that he is an angel. Also, he says that these are his personal matters and these should not be mixed with his political career. Well, when he wants to be a public leader, everything of his character will be discussed. IK always talks of Constitution and INSAAF, how will he fulfill the requirement of articles 62 and 63 (articles of constitution that speaks about character. Not to mention, adultery is a big sin). If he claims, he fulfills the requirement of 62 and 63, it means he will lie just like other majority of politicians. A person who contests election on the basis of lie cannot bring justice, the slogan of IK to deceive Pakistanis. IK cannot provide justice to his own illegitimate daughter how can he provide justice to whole nation? Let us have a look on some of his U-turns. He could not make right decision about Jemima! He could not establish correct opinion about Musharaf. He was against MQM and now he is a kind of admirer of MQM. He was once with Nawaz Sharif and now deadly against Nawaz. IK apologized on his support to Musharaf and recently he accepted gift (puppies) from him? IK still maintains contact with his former wife Jemima; he went to England to run election campaign for Jemima’s brother.And it goes on and on…What kind of IK image comes to mind after all this? IK could not manage his married life how would he mange the whole country.

When he was raising funds for Cancer hospital, he always denied categorically the possibility of entering politics whenever he was interviewed by press. Everybody knows, after cancer hospital he entered politics. He should be honest enough to mention role of then government in establishing cancer hospital. Government provided land free of cost for hospital and gave tax exemption. Plus government sponsored him to raise funds by providing him security and managing the crowds of public in fund raising campaign.

IK’s blind supporters bring examples from Islamic history like Omar ibne Khattab and Khalid bin Walid (Radi-Allaho Anhum.)Omar Ibne Khattab and Khalid Bin Walid (Radi-Allaho Anhum) were characterful and brave even before embracing Islam. Secondly, Prophet (Sallalho Alaihe Wassalam) himself gave them great titles. Was Imran Khan non Muslim when he committed adultery and living a sexual animal life? There is question mark on his character even today. Why should Pakistani risk their future by voting for a man whose past was characterless and present is doubtful? If IK repents on his past, he has every right to lead a respectful personal life (but he surely does not become eligible to lead a nation).A personal repentance or apology does not clean your past for official purposes unless you receive a judicial pardon or punishment.No criminal is forgiven without completing a due course of law.Is IK above law?If his IK’s repentance makes him innocent then what is the fault of thousands of criminals in Jail; certainly majority of them repent on their wrong deeds.

The supporter of IK calls him “VISIONARY” leader.What vision does he have? Only boastings with no plans to execute them. Not to mention, there are no elections in PTI ever. PTI is one man show.IK is man with no character and surely he is void of wisdom too.


{December 7, 2010}   Could they even beat Bangladesh?

By: cricinfo

The rain came, but too late to save Australia in Adelaide. They wouldn’t have deserved an escape after being out-played from first ball to last by an inspired England performance. After the efforts of James Anderson, Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen it was Graeme Swann’s turn to take centre stage with 5 for 91 on the final morning. But everywhere you looked for Australia there were problems, and in the Sydney Morning Herald Jamie Pandaram says it’s time to face up to some harsh truths.

Selection chairman Andrew Hilditch and his off-siders Greg Chappell, David Boon and Jamie Cox must have greater faith than Mother Teresa if they think the same band of players who have been tried can beat England twice this summer. The middle order has its performers – Michael Hussey and Michael Clarke – but Marcus North and Ponting are pale comparisons of their best form. North does not look out of touch when he bats, but continually manages to fall short of big and important innings when they are most needed. Steve Smith is a young and capable replacement who thrives on pressure, a logical replacement.

In the same paper, Peter Roebuck is fulsome in his praise of England but says there’s still hope for Australia if that act quickly.

Let’s give the victors their due. If England is the fourth best side in the world as the rankings insist, then the top three must be playing well. For 10 days the Poms have resembled a well-oiled machine. Their intensity has been unflagging, their fitness superb, their catching sharp, their batting powerful and their bowling incisive.

It may sound like a slightly more tongue-in-cheek view, but Peter Fitzsimons suggestion of a recall for Shane Warne is one made by quite a few Australians.

Who ya gonna call? Not Ghostbusters. Why not Shane Warne? Oh, do stop carrying on. Yes, yes, I know he’s 41. I know he’s caused more ugly tabloid headlines than Paris Hilton. I know he hasn’t bowled a ball in anger since April. I know all that. Don’t lecture me. I didn’t write the book on criticising Warne, but I intend to. None of that is important right now. What is important is to save the Ashes and beat England.

Over in the Australian, Malcolm Conn, who is never afraid of a bit of Pommie bashing, thinks Australia have sunk as low as the 1980s before Allan Border started the rebuilding job.

The last time Australia lost four Tests out of five without a victory was 26 years ago, when the once mighty West Indies hammered Australia in six successive Tests during 1984 which led to the tearful resignation of skipper Kim Hughes. The Australians had been gutted by the retirement of a number of senior players including Greg Chappell, Dennis Lillee and Rod Marsh in the summer of 1982-1983.

Back in the SMH, Richard Hinds doesn’t pull any punches in his assessment of Australia’s performance.

Australia, of course, should not be disappointed by their dismal performance in Adelaide against an abundantly talented English line-up. They should be chastened, humiliated and utterly sick to the stomach

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