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THE Indian response to the Mumbai tragedy has been unwise and hasty. In less than 24 hours of the ghastly terror that struck Mumbai, India started blaming Pakistan. The entire effort of the Indian authorities is focused incriminating Pakistan.

Some western media reports have now begun to criticise Indiafor its unwillingness to confront its own failings. The Spanish daily El Pais has written: “Islamic extremism has its roots also in India. But it has always been trivialised by the Indian authorities”.

Interestingly, the Indian authorities name the accused first and investigate later. More recently, two serving officers of the Indian army, Col Srikant Purohit and Maj Samir Kulkarni, are facing trial for involvement in the Samjhota Express bombing in 2007, and another five, including a majorgeneral and two colonels, are under investigation.

On Nov 26 within half an hour of the start of the terrorist attack in Mumbai, three senior police officers, Hemant Karkare, DIG Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar, who were investigating Col Purohit’s case, were shot at by some one from behind and killed, as if it was pre-planned.

The Mumbai police were equipped with bolt-action Lee Enfield rifles, used in the First World War, and they expected to stop terrorists using assault rifles. Hence, during the first encounter with terrorists, 14 policemen died.

When it was clear that the Mumbai police were out of their depth, Delhidispatched its best soldiers, the NSG’s Black Cat commandos, who were equipped with clumsy old SLR rifles. It took them nine hours to make it to Mumbai when over 100 people were al ready killed in the Taj Hotel.

According to private rescue group ‘Zaka’ from Israel that flew ‘on its own volition’ to Mumbai for a rescue operation after the deadly terror attacks, the Indian commandos inadvertently killed some of the Jewish Israeli hostages during the raid on Chabad House (Dec 3).

American intelligence agencies had warned their Indian counterpart in mid-October of a potential attack “from the sea against hotels and business centres in Mumbai, including the Taj Hotel”. Ratan Tata, chaiman of the Taj Hotel told CNN that security was temporarily increased following a warning but enhanced measures were later eased (Dec 3). But why didn’t the American and Indian intelligence agencies share this information with Pakistani intelligence remains a question mark?

According to an Indian navy spokesman, about two dozen terrorists had landed in Mumbai after travelling in a merchant vessel, the MV Alpha, from Karachi, and the Indian navy intercepted the vessel (Nov 28). The Indian media also spoke of RAW’s intelligence intercept of Nov 17, which showed a mysterious Pakistani ship heading for Mumbai.

Interestingly, the alleged Pakistani ship managed to penetrate through Indian waters amid an ongoing naval drill which had mobilised a large section of the Indian navy. The exercise, code-named ‘Defence of Gujarat’, was aimed at stopping ‘Al Qaeda and Pakistani ships’ and yet at the height of the exercise the Pakistani ship sneaked through with its deadly cargo. This is an unbelievable proposition.The Indian claim that the surviving member of the attacking force said he worked for Lashker-i-Taiba and was trained in Pakistan is an unreliable evidence: someone willing to die for a cause would be willing to lie for that cause, even under torture.

Although there is no solid evidence, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, during her unscheduled visit to Islamabad on Dec 4, delivered a stern warning by saying that Pakistan has ‘special responsibility’ — a phrase when removed from its thin diplomatic veneer suggests Washington shares New Delhi’s view that the terrorists have links with Pakistan. However, within a week the truth began to unfold with the arrest of two Indians in Kolkata having links in Mumbai terror attacks. But it is only the beginning. SQN LDR (r) S. AUSAF HUSAIN Karachi (II) PLEASE tell Indiathat we are not convinced by its charade that the Mumbai terror attacks were orchestrated by the people in Pakistan. When they accuse Pakistan, its people have a right of access to the information privy to the Indian government.

There is total lack of transparency in this absurd plan that the terrorists landed on the coast of Mumbai in small boats from a mother ship that was anchored outside Mumbai without the Indian coast guards getting so much as an inkling of it?

This is a gargantuan security failure that India should be more concerned about as compared to the terrorist attack; because if such things are possible, then no citizen of India is safe from even worse things to come.

Secondly, one of the attackers captured by the Indian security forces was found carrying a GPRS mobile through which he made a call to an individual in Karachi. Nothing could be more preposterous and far from reality than this incredulous claim, because even the most naïve of terrorists knows that once he goes into an attack inside enemy territory there is no coming back.

He either achieves his mission or he dies in the attempt or worse still fall into enemy hands. Would he then be so stupid as to leave behind an obvious clue as to his place of origin? Any commando would tell you that once they go for a mission they sever all ties and leave no telltale signs as to who they are and where they come from. So what was the point of making contact with base?

Moreover, Indiaclaims that they were a Jihadi outfit; if that were so, why was it that not a single one had a beard. If they were to shave off their beards in order to camouflage their identity, it would defeat the very purpose of a Jihad. If India is really interested in exposing the true criminals they should divulge the contact number of the person whom the terrorist contacted, so that the government of Pakistan can go after them and bring the criminals to justice.

Thirdly, what was the aim of this terrorist attack? Was it just to kill 195 people? Or was it just to destroy Taj Mahal hotel? There must be a raison d’etre behind the attack. How did the attackers know which street led to Taj Mahal hotel and which to Obroi?

If, according to the Indians and the Americans, the attack was very well planned and executed, then either these terrorists had been to India or their agent in Indiaprovided them with maps showing their landing point and the route to be taken to their des tination.

Supposing all this had been done, then a person carrying ammunition for his weapons, grenades, bombs, food, water and a horde of other basic requirements, along with his AK-47, wouldn’t he be spotted by the locals and the traffic police and alarm bells sounded?

Finally, the terrorists reach their destination, and then what do they do? They start killing people randomly till the commandos arrive followed by the army to put an end to their miserable lives. So in the end, after two days of mayhem all the terrorists are killed except one, and the whole sordid affair is brought to an end without the terrorists achieving any purpose, or declaring a cause for sacrificing their lives.

Everyone is perplexed, who were they and what was their purpose? One of them was purportedly captured so that he could conveniently spill the beans and point an accusing finger at Pakistan.

A country so poor that it begs for money and has lost its respect in the eyes of the world, so as the saying goes, “give a dog a bad name………” I would like someone to tell Indiathat we are not convinced. Yes, we do want peace in the region but with respect. These faceless and stateless killers are not one of us. You may be able to convince Condoleezza Rice, because America is hand in glove with India in their attempt to destabilise Pakistan and cut it to size, but will China allow this to happen in its neighbourhood? However, India and America must be told that we have the will to fight and survive; and survive we will come what may.


Ali says:

10 Terrorists, manage to capture 600+rooms taj and almost same size hotel oberoi at the same time, and manage to retain it for 72 hours with heavy fire all around, against World’s 3rd largest Army.

This is great really, whoever they’re , salute to them, Indian Army should learn from them atleast how to fight with your enemy

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