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 I’m listing down some political issues that we should consider taking up now that the Democracy is prevailing now, we got rid of Dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf and deposed judges have been restored. These are not necessarily in the order of importance and this writeup is not structured very well, but hope it can serve as a starting point. Each one of these issues is very important, and we need someone to take it up. 

 1. Judiciary and police reforms:

 This can be broken down into the following:

a. Getting rid of all new judges appointed after Nov 3 and ensuring that new judges are appointed through a proper process which prevents any political party from inducting its own chamchas. This is a very crucial but yet unfinished part of the lawyers’ movement’s agenda. 

 b. Developing a proper method of accountability for the judges because the existing SJC structure is flawed.

 c. Reforming the lower judiciary.

 d. Police reforms

 2. Devolution:

This is very important because devolution has the potential to open up opportunities for ordinary citizens to enter electoral politics. Union councils are small, and you can contest elections even if you are not filthy rich. Once you have been a union councilor, you can gradually go on to contest elections for bigger constituencies and move up in politics. 

 Things to do: convince the media to have more constructive discussions on devolution, and promote the idea to the people at large, so that it becomes increasingly difficult for any government to roll it back.

 3. Intra-party democracy:

This requires engaging with the media and political party workers at the grass roots to highlight this issue.

 4. Demanding live debates on local radio:

Due to the wider reach of radio, and considering the fact that TV channels can generally only talk about national issues, there is a real need for local city/district radio stations to come up and hold live debates on local issues. During elections, the election commission should even arrange for regular structured debates at the local level for all constituencies.

We need to highlight this issue and press the govt to remove unnecessary restrictions and give live debates proper air time on govt-owned local radio stations.

 5. Corruption:

Highlighting the need for a constitutionally independent NAB, this can investigate and prosecute corruption cases against anyone including those in power without political interference.

 6. Provincial autonomy:

A first step should be to make an attempt to understand what people outside Isb, Lhr and Khi, think and want, get rid of urban thinking. Eventually, we also need to figure out whether we need more provinces (example: there is a demand for a separate province in Southern Punjab). Issues like NFS Award should be priority and needs urgent / open debate in APC.

 7. Constitution review:

Understanding our constitution, and then determining whether it really serves our needs even if it’s restored to the original 1973 form. Then figuring out the kind of amendments that are needed for the genuine empowerment of the people. Some of the earlier points related to judiciary reforms, devolution, NAB and provincial autonomy would automatically be a part of such an effort, but here the goal would be to have a comprehensive review of the constitution rather than a single issue focus.

 8. Talibanisation

a. Keeping everyone on board, we should identify and understand what this really means, from where they came, and how to tackle. One thing should be clear here, Pukhtoons are not Taliban, and Taliban are not Pukhtoons. Pukhtoon is a tribal cultural community whereas Taliban is a group of Radical Islamist working for their Self-Made Shariah.

 b. We should increase the intelligence in our metro cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, specially Karachi and Lahore where people observe presence of Taliban and have seen symptoms.

 c. Strict monitoring on International border from both sides as we not have the threat from Afghanistan, but also from India. Moreover, strict monitoring on inter-city and inter-province movements of individuals, registration of people moving from their hometown to some other and make them confirm their return with registration authority.

 d. Do not issue CNIC for any individual who are unable to provide proof of residents for atleast 5 years in a city from where he/she is applying for CNIC / Passport / Domicile / PRC.

 e. Make Domicile / PRC pre-requisite for all Government / Semi-overnment / Private jobs all over Pakistan.

 f. Transfer of Resident should be through proper channel with NOC from Town Nazimeen of Origin and Destination. Proper Registration of such transfers in Town Offices with a copy to concerned police stations.

 9. A political party Watchdog:

Looking at things like

a. The extent of intra-party democracy. This should include how party tickets are awarded. 

 b. Whether the parties have proper think-tanks for policy formulation.

 c. Whether the parties have competent people and intra-party mechanisms for bringing such people forward.

 d. whether there are any intra-party mechanisms for accountability, how many members of the parties have criminal or corruption cases etc.

e. How many of the MNAs and MPAs elected on party tickets are lotas with a history of switching loyalties.

10. Media watch:

This can include things like

a. keeping an eye on the political connections of newspaper and TV channel owners, and making knowledge of such connections well known to the public;

 b. keeping track of whether journalists are consistent in applying the same principle. Example: if someone said that Iftikhar Ch should be restored when he was first removed by Musharraf, then did they continue to propagate the same position when the PPP came into power or did they suddenly do a ‘lota’ on this?

 c. rating various talk-shows on the diversity of guests they invite, so that our national discourse does not remain monopolized by a very small group of people.

 d. Pointing out instances of yellow journalism. 

11. Other watchdogs:

Watchdogs on the judiciary, parliament, executive, police, NAB, or for that matter, any regulatory authority, like PEMRA or SECP.


Asad Khan says:

Very nice effort!

Azhar afridi says:

i doubt PPPP has courage or should i say ability to do such things….so

bye bye stability in Pakistan

Mustafa says:

Excellent article, and in my opinion, one copy each should be sent to Presidency, PM HOuse, GHQ and all governors

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