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Pakistan Army once saved Khana Kaba, the holiest place in the holy city Makkah, in 1979 when a group of militants led by Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi seized Khana Kaba for two weeks. The militants attacked the holiest place at the time of Fajr Prayer on 20th November, 1979 and several pilgrims were taken hostages.

It was shocking news for Islamic world when the Grand Mosque Khana Kaba was seized by the militants and during that process several guards lost their lives in cross firing. It was the second time when bloodshed occurred on the holy ground of Grand Mosque and pilgrims were taken hostages on Hajj.

Abdullah Hamid Mohammed Al-Qahtani was the leader of militants and he was the one who called the Muslims to obey him as redeemer of Islam. Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi, who led the seizure of Holy Kaba, declared his brother-in-law as redeemer of Islam and turned against ruling Al-Saud dynasty.

The Saudi government tried to regain Grand Mosque but couldn’t get success for two weeks and lost several troops in the operation as well. The militants group deployed sharp shooters and snipers at key places of Grand Mosque to stop any kind of assault from Saudi troops. The lives of thousands of pilgrims were at risk as well.

For two weeks none of the attempts to rescue the people got success which created chaos among Muslims of the world. The president of Pakistan General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq asked Saudis to let Pakistan Army do the operation as the whole world were eying on them as well. Saudis allowed him to regain the Grand Mosque.

After getting permission General Zia-ul-Haq chose few very competent SSG Commandos from Pakistan Army and sent them to Saudi Arabia. The commander of SSG commandos made a very brilliant strategy against the militants which worked really well for them. SSG commanders were deployed on the ground of Grand Mosque from helicopters and pushed the snipers and militants towards basement.

Once all the militants were pushed into basement of Grand Mosque, the commander of SSG commandos asked the Saudis to flood the basement. Once the basement was flooded, they electrocuted the water which made militants unconscious and all of them including the leaders were arrested by the commandos of Pakistan Army and finished the siege of Khana Kaba.


SSG Commandos of Pakistan Army Saving Khana Kaba

Pakistan Army Clears Khana Kaba from Militants

SSG commandos of Pakistan Army cleared Khana Kaba and rescued thousands of hostages at in 1979 when a group of militants led by Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi seized the Grand Mosque. It all happened so quickly on the morning of 20th Novermber, 1979 that the security guards couldn’t do much to protect the place.

Once Khana Kaba, the holiest place of Muslims, was seized by the militants and thousands of pilgrims were made hostages, the militants declared Abdullah Hamid Mohammed Al-Qahtani the redeemer of Islam. They asked Muslims to obey him as Mahdi, the redeemer of Islam and during the assault executed innocent pilgrims.

The armed troops of Saudis tried to regain the Grand Mosque in several attempts but militants didn’t let them entered in the ground of holy place. The siege of Khana Kaba continued for almost two weeks until SSG commandos of Pakistan Army led by former army chief General Pervez Musharraf cleared the area from militants.

The strategy applied by the commandos to regain the Grand Mosque was quite successful and they rescued the hostage pilgrims without any bloodshed. The sharp shooters and snipers of militants held the key positions at the ground of Grand Mosque and they didn’t let any person entered from the gates.

SSG commandos entered in the Grand Mosque by using helicopters and pushed the militants into basement. That’s was the best chance to capture them without bloodshed at holy place. The captain of the commandos asked the Saudis to flood the basement. Once the basement flooded with water, they electrocuted it which made the militants unconscious.

All the militants including Abdullah Hamid Mohammed Al-Qahtani and Juhaiman ibn Muhammad ibn Saif al Utaibi were arrested alive and sent to imprisonment. The Khana Kaba was cleared within two hours and SSG commandos did wonderful job which won the hearts of every Muslim. It was one of the glorious moments of Pakistan Army.

پاکستان آرمی نے کیسے خانہ کعبہ کی حفاظت کی اور شرپسند عناصر سے بازیاب کروایا۔
ایک تاریخی وڈیو دیکھیں۔

{October 16, 2012}   Is Malala a conspiracy ?

Madeeha Ishtiaque

With the recent buzz made by certain newspapers and social media platforms, the questions that has popped up with a bang is, what is the story behind Gul Makai’s Swat Diary on BBC blogs?

The reason behind this recent development may be Abdul Hai Kakar’s, (the BBC reporter who worked with Malala) recent accounts of how the whole idea came about. Post this, rumors and conspiracy theories questioning the credibility of the 11 years girl’s account are resonating in the surrounds.

Essentially, in order to bring about a ‘humanitarian angle’ to the situation in Swat and in Northern areas, as Kakar mentions in his online interview to a newspaper, how he came up and structured the idea of Swat Diary to be written by a young girl to ‘creatively and objectively portray the situation on ground in Swat’. The concept was to choose a local girl to ‘express her emotions’ and so to represent the silenced majority of Swati girls who were denied their right to education were given a face – Malala’s. He further elaborated that with her father’s unresistant willingness to choose Malala for the job, he would phone her up every day so she could narrate the happenings of her area and her reflections on the same.

Now, whether it was Malala’s own narrative or the reporter trying to elicit a formatted response and later manicuring it to pass for a child’s narrative, are questions that seem to disturb a large audience. An audience who had happily credited an 11-year old Swati girl for her surprising maturity and sheer bravery in breaking ideological and physical shackles to raise her voice against injustice. However, my question is, should this be the pivot of importance or the fact that a father was willing to risk his child’s safety and a young girl who feared the least voicing the truth out loud, only to protect her fellows from the austerity Taliban had in ample stocks. Shouldn’t this effort be appreciated instead of being questioned?

Recently, there seems to be a concentrated effort on face book, twitter and other social media forums to justify attack against Malala, calling her a US agent and the whole issue a foreign conspiracy.

‘ Why Malala alone? Why not a dozen of Pakistani women who die of drones everyday or those who become a sacrifice in terrorist activities? Why Obama has his helicopter on hold for only her? Why prayers are being said for Malala and not for several other daughters attacked and bruised in various terror strikes?’

As a monosyllabic response: True. If you ask for more, what’s the surprise here? This is only our national tragedy to idolize those who manage to blaze the news. The rest deserve a discriminatory attitude and to learn a lesson that to earn one’s basic right and people’s support, you’ve got to make it to the headlines, else you’re eclipsed.

Hence, as we put the conspiracy theories to rest, for there are better matters clamoring for attention, including getting rid of the terrorist elements hostaging our children and lands to meet their own ends and our own disposition of noticing things only when they get a hype.

{August 17, 2012}   Who is Behind Kamra Attack ?

On August 16, one of the largest air bases in Pakistan, the Minhas air base located at Kamra in Central Punjab some 45 miles northwest of Islamabad, was attacked by Islamist militants as reported in the media. During the dark hours of the night they barged in from a nearby village with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons wearing suicide bombing vests and disguised as military personnel. The Commandos of Pakistan Army were successfully able to counteract the aggression that went on for about eight hours and it resulted in the loss of one Pakistani soldier, damaged one aircraft and injured the base commander, Air Commodore Muhammad Azam.

Nine extremists have been reported dead during the scuffle which the Pakistani Taliban claimed was part of their plan for a long time. They are known for targeting different military sites in the Country to uproot Pakistan military’s strength, but have failed at every single time as the military intelligence is alert. According to Pakistan Air Force spokesman, Captain Tariq Mahmood, the Minhas air base at Kamra does not store nuclear weapons, contrary to the earlier media reports. In fact, he revealed that no air base in Pakistan has any nuclear weapons. The Minhas air base has several squadrons of fighter jets, including JF-17 fighter jets and surveillance planes and was declared clear after the search operations for any hiding militants were over.

The fact that it is located adjacent to the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, which is a major air force research and development center, has made some analysts suspicious of Pakistan military’s readiness to such expected militant retaliations. However, this is not the first time that suicide bombers have launched attacks at the site, as in 2007 and 2009 the same place came under their threat. This latest one at Kamra could be seen as a result of the offensive Pakistan Army has declared for the tribal belt recently. The U.S. State Department did not seem to be perturbed in
its trust on Pakistan military’s capability, especially keeping with the recent improvement in their relations with Pakistan Army and believes the site being free of nuclear weapons.

Thus, these militants were made to think that it was a nuclear-armed air base by the enemies of Pakistan who want to destabilise it and show that Pakistani nukes are not in safe hands. Tracing back their such perception, it implies that the India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Israel’s Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, commonly known as Mossad, might have been behind instigating such havoc. It is clearly beyond the means of Pakistani Taliban to
exploit the Minhas air base and might be part of higher tactics against Pakistan military. Both RAW and Mossad has been insistent on claiming Pakistani nukes unsafe.

The Pakistani nation can take pride in Pakistan military that it has been able to shift the terrorist attacks away from innocent civilians as the decline in the terrorist incidents amongst the civilian population across Pakistan has been significant. Although, it could be seen as a tactical shift in the Pakistani Taliban’s strategy against Pakistan military, but never the less, the people have been rightfully protected by their saviours.

Pakistan’s Defence Minister, Naveed Qamar, has acknowledged the preparedness with which the Commandos defended the air base. It should not be taken as a security lapse, but rather as a proof of how prepared Pakistan military is round the clock. Pakistan Air Force has also released many images of the Kamra attack incident to the media as there is nothing to hide as suggested by those suspicious of Pakistan military’s ability to safeguard its people, its territory and its nukes.

Courtesy : Pak Soldiers


Fatima Zakir

I am in UAE these days. Just for a week. On vacations. I don’t have a life here; I don’t have a job hence I don’t have anything productive to do. I don’t have friends. I don’t really know the places so I don’t travel alone. I practically have no control in this country. Yet… I feel alive. I am happy. I am at peace. I can move about freely without worrying about my dress and my appearance. No one stares at me and no one passes comments on the streets. I like staying here.

My hometown is Karachi. I was born there and have virtually lived there all my life in the city of lights. I have a life there. I have a pretty good job. I have friends there. I know the entire city; the malls, the shopping centers, the best of the cafes and etc. I am quite in my skin there. Yet… I am always frustrated, I am always irritated and I am nearly never at peace. My parents don’t allow me to go out late in the evenings and if I get late from work, even 10 minutes, my parents start calling frantically to know my whereabouts. I am always conscious about what I am wearing and where I am going. I am scared when I travel in a rickshaw, you can forget about public buses. I am constantly watching out for my bag when I am out shopping and I keep my mobile phone safely tucked in my bag whenever I am on the streets, even if I am inside my own car.

It is ironic. I absolutely love this place which is not my home, and would love to stay here for as long as possible but after a while I start missing home, my family and friends. Most important, I miss working. Why can’t I have the best of both worlds? Is it too much to ask for? Living in my own city has made me so stressed that I have actually thought of seeing a psychologist, and I might even do that when I go back there. And no, it’s not because I think it’s a cool thing to do. It was just a simple question by a friend I just made here; how do you guys live in Pakistan what with the situation always so dangerous – crimes, terrorism etc?

My friend asked: There is no electricity most of the day; there is no gas at homes; without electricity you can’t use your computer, and when you can the net is too slow; watching TV is another stressful endeavor as it almost seems like the world is coming to an end. And because of the maddening situation in the city/country where anything can happen anytime, you can’t go out as freely at any time of night (sometimes during the day) as one would like. There are no activities… how do you, I mean the young crowd, live? My instant response was; we are used to it, but that got me thinking… (I sensed that outside my beloved country/city I don’t get infuriated as easily as I do back home). I am a changed person.

Last night the internet over here was very slow. I couldn’t even reply to an email- that painfully slow it was, yet I wasn’t irritated. If it was Pakistan, I would have been annoyed but here I didn’t feel a thing. Yes, you can say that I am too much in love with this place so I am being unjust but think about it… I was out the whole day, went to a couple of fun places, did some activities, had dinner out, if it wasn’t for checking my email for some job alerts, I wouldn’t have bothered switching the laptop on. But in Pakistan, since there is nothing else to do this is the only ‘fun’ thing for us. I reach home at 7 or 7:30 from work daily. That’s the time for load shedding which lasts for two long hours. Even then, there are days when the lights go out after half an hour for an hour or maybe longer. That’s when I get upset and say to my mom that I won’t come back from work from tomorrow.

Back home, you go out and you find people ogling at you. You go shopping and you hear comments from everywhere. You go to work and you face cut-throat office politics, where you hard work is disregarded and the ‘unworthies’ who have weaseled their way into the ‘right circle’ get all the perks. You ‘try’ going home after a long day but are usually stuck in traffic jams, road blocks due to protests and rallies, or jams due to VIP movements. You reach home and there is no electricity. There is no security of life. No surety of life.

It’s freaky. Recently, I have noticed some drastic changes in myself. I used to be an extremely happy-go-lucky, optimistic and calm person but within some months I have turned into an extremely angry, frustrated and miserable being. This didn’t happen overnight. It took months, in fact a couple of years, but all my optimism, my love for life and my cool has drained out. I know there are hundreds thousands people living in an even worse condition in Pakistan and they are satisfied. I know I am just being thankless but we have to realize that adjusting to situations is not always a good idea.

We are too adaptive to our environment that we take in all the bad things around us very easily and adjust accordingly. Those who find it difficult get stressed and lose patience. I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to be whiny all the time –don’t want to be angry at every little thing. I don’t want to be rude to my parents. I want to be happy again. I want to be optimistic about life again. I want to believe in the power of greater good. I want to have my sanity back. I want the reasons to believe in Pakistan… again! Just need that something to be able to do that.

منیر احمد فردوس

شروع سے سنتے آئے ہیں کہ جب گیدڑ کی شامت آتی ہے تو وہ شہر کا رخ کرتا ہے مگر میں نے کبھی شہر میں کوئی گیدڑ نہیں دیکھا بلکہ ہر طرف شوہر ہی دیکھے ہیں، اس لئے یہ کہا جا سکتا ہے کہ جب کسی مرد کی شامت آتی ہے تو وہ سر پر سہرا سجا لیتا ہے، جسے عرفِ عام میں شادی کرنا کہتے ہیں۔ شادی اور شامت دونوں  ”ش” سے شروع ہوتے ہیں اس لئے دونوں کا مقصد اور اثرات بھی ایک جیسے ہی ہوتے ہیں بس فرق صرف اتنا ہے کہ شامت میں آدمی خود اپنے پائوں پر کلہاڑی مارتا ہے جبکہ شادی میں اس کا پورا خاندان اس پر وار کرتا ہے۔یعنی مرد کو شادی کے نام پر مرد چوسنے والی ایسی ”چوسنی مخلوق” کے پلے باندھ دیا جاتا ہے جسے بیوی کے نام سے پکارا جاتا ہے۔یہ واحد خود کفیل مخلوق ہے جس کا قحط آج تک نہیں پڑا اور یہ دنیا کے ہر خطے میں خودرو گھاس کی طرح اگتی ہے۔
الطاف حسین حالی نے کہا تھا کہ دنیا کی اصل خوبصورتی عورت کی وجہ سے ہے۔ پہلے میں بھی یہی سمجھتا تھا مگر جب عورت کے نام پر ایک عدد بیوی گھر لایا تو اندازہ ہوا کہ الطاف حسین حالی نے یقیناً نظام شمسی کے کسی اور سیارے کی عورت کو اس کی خوبصورتی کہا تھا۔مگر افسوس کہ الطاف حسین حالی نے اس سیارے کا نام نہیں بتایا۔ پہلے دن سے ہی بیوی نے کامیاب وارکر کے گھر کا چین سکون چوس لیا۔پہلے میری آنکھ پڑوسیوں کے گھر میں ہونے والی لڑائی سے کھلتی تھی اور اب ان کی آنکھ میرے گھر میں ہونے والی لڑائی سے کھلتی ہے بلکہ جس دن لڑائی نہ ہو تو لوگ عیادت کو پہنچ جاتے ہیں۔ایک  مولوی صاحب نے کہا تھا  کہ انسان کا دشمن شیطان ہے، اس سے بچ کے رہو گے تو زندگی آرام سے گزرے گی، مگر شادی کے بعد احساس ہوا کہ شیطان کا تو یوں ہی نام بدنام ہے، اصل کارنامے تو بیوی کے ہیں۔ یہ بھی ہو سکتا ہے کہ شیطان نے اپنی جنس اور نام تبدیل کر کے بیوی رکھ لیا ہو یا یہ بھی ممکن ہے کہ جس مولوی نے ایسا کہا تھا وہ کنوارا ہو۔مجھے جلیبی اور بیوی کی نیت میں کبھی فرق نظر نہیں آیا۔نئے ملبوسات، زیوارت، فیشن، پرفیوم، جوتے، میک اپ کا سامان، شاپنگ، بیوٹی پارلر کے چکراٹے، غرض کون سی ایسی فرمائش ہے جو میں نے پوری نہ کی ہو مگر پھر بھی بات بات پر طعنہ، لڑائی اور دھمکیاں میرا مقدر بن گئیں۔ ہر اس آدمی سے کہا جس نے میر ی شادی میں شرکت کی تھی کہ مجھے میری بیوی سے بچائو مگران سب کی بھی ایسی ہی حالت تھی۔دوسرے خاوندوں کا اس بات پر ایمان ہو یا نہ ہو مگر میراتو پکا  ایمان ہے کہ کچھ لوگوں کو اپنے گناہوں کی سزا اس دنیا میں ہی مل جاتی ہے۔ طالب علموں کو گناہوں کی سزا بھاری بھرکم بستوں کی صورت میں اور شوہر کو سزا بیوی کی صورت میں مل رہی ہے۔شادی سے پہلے میں مال گنا کرتا تھا اور اب سر کے بال گنتا ہوں۔میں ان شوہروں سے ضرور گذارش کروں گا جن کے بال ابھی تک فخر سے سینہ تانے کھڑے ہیں کہ ہمیشہ بیوی کے لئے نرم تلے والے جوتے لایاکریں بلکہ گر ہوائی چپل ہی لیا کریں تو ان کے بالوں کی عمر بیوی کی طرح لمبی ہو سکتی ہے۔ بیوی کا خرچ بند کیا تو اس کے آنسوئوں کے لشکر نے خرچہ دوبارہ جاری کروادیا اور میں یہ کہنے پر مجبور ہوا کہ بیوی کے آنسو کا ایک قطرہ مرد بیچارے کی تنخواہ کے ساتھ ساتھ اس کی مردانگی بھی بہا کر لے جاتا ہے۔بیوی شادی سے پہلے معصوم پرندہ اور شادی کے بعد خونخوار درندہ بن جاتی ہے، جس کی نظر اور ہاتھ صرف جیب اور بالوں پر ہی ہوتےہیں۔اس درندے کی نظر اتنی طاقتور اور تیز ہوتی ہے کہ اسے چھ فٹ کا شوہر نظر نہیں آتا مگر تین انچ کی جیب دور ہی سے نظر آ جاتی ہے۔
بیوی کی کئی قسمیں ہوتی ہیں یعنی صحافی بیوی، سیاسی بیوی، صحافی بیوی، لڑاکا بیوی، کڑاکا بیوی، چالباز بیوی، جھوٹی، ڈرامہ باز، اور ڈرائونی بیوی۔مختلف اقسام کی بیویاں ہونے کے باوجود سب کا ایک ہی کام ہوتا ہے، گھر کو میدان ِ جنگ بنا کربیچارے شوہرکے ساتھ جنگ کرنا۔ اس لئے یہ حقیقت ہے کہ مرد کے لئے شادی کی رات خوشیوں کی آخری رات ہوتی ہے۔ میں نے ایک عامل سے بھی کہا کہ ”محترم! مجھے میری بیوی سے بچائو”۔ اس نے کہا ”اگر میری بیوی نہ ہوتی تو آج میں بھی عامل نہ ہو تا۔اگر تمہارے اوپر جن سوار ہو جاتا تو میں اسے سیکنڈوں میں اتار دیتا، مگر تمہارے اوپر بیوی جیسی مخلوق سوار ہے، جس سے میرے تمام مئوکل ڈرتے ہیں،بلکہ وہ تو خود اپنی بیویوں سے بھاگ کر میرے پاس آئے ہیں۔بیوی سے تمہیں اب صرف عزرائیل ہی نجات دلا سکتاہے۔”
میرا اب یہ تجزیہ ہے کہ شادی کے بعد رنگین مرد غمگین ہو جاتا ہے اور بیوی کی صورت میں اسے غموں کی ایسی پوٹلی ملتی ہے، جس کے ہر غم میں ہزاروں غم چھپے ہو تے ہیں جس میں سب سے بڑا غم یہی ہوتا ہے کہ بیوی اپنے شوہر کی تمام جائیداد و املاک میں برابر کی حصہ دارہوتی ہے، سوائے غم و الم کے۔ اس لئے بیوی کی تعریف بھی شاید یہی ہے کہ ”وہ عورت جو شادی کے بعد دل جلاتی ہو نہ کہ ساتھ نبھاتی ہو۔”
ایک عدد بیوی پالنے کے بعد اب میرا ذاتی تجربہ یہ ہے کہ شادی کا صرف ایک ہی فائدہ ہے کہ خود کشی کرنے کے لئے رسی نہیں خریدنی پڑتی۔ آخر پر ایک نصیحت میں ان شوہروں کو کرنا چاہوں گا جو بیوی آلود ہو چکے ہیں”اے پاکستانی خاوندو! بیوی کو مضبوطی سے باندھے رکھو، تاکہ تم میری طرح سے یہ کہنے پر مجبور نہ ہو جائو کہ “مجھے میری بیوی سے بچائو”۔


US Efforts to encourage old heritage

امریکی سفارتخانے کی جانب سے فیس بک پر دئے گئے ایک اشتہار، یو ٹیوب پر موجود ویڈیوز اور امریکی سفارتخانے کی ویب  سائٹ پر موجود معلومات سےانکشاف ہوتا ہے کہ پاکستان میں قدیم ہندو رسوم اور انتہائی متنازعہ امور کو پھیلانے اور مقبول بنانے کے لئے  امریکی سفارتخانہ   گزشتہ دس  برس سے ہر سال کروڑوں ڈالر خرچ کررہا ہے۔ امریکی سفارتخانے کا موقف ہے کہ پاکستان جس خطے میں موجود ہےاور جو علاقے پاکستان میں شامل ہیں وہاں  ماضی میں انتہائی  ترقی یافتہ قومیں آباد تھیں اور  ان کا ایک کلچر تھا جو اس علاقے کا اصل کلچر ہے اور امریکی سفارتخانہ اس قدیم اور اصل کلچر کو بحال کرنے کے لئے کوشاں ہیں۔ امریکی سفارتخانے کی ویب سائٹ پر دئے اعدادوشمار سےپتہ چلتا ہے کہ امریکی سفارتخانہ ایسے 17 متنازعہ ترین پروجیکٹس پر کام کررہا  ہے اور ان کے لئے فنڈز فراہم کررہا ہے جس سے پاکستانی معاشرے میں انتشار مزید پھیل رہا ہے، ان سترہ پروجیکٹس میں اکثر قدیم ہندو اور بدھ  مت رسوم اور تہواروں پر مشتمل ہیں اور پاکستانی معاشرے میں حال  ہی میں انہیں زور و شور سے منانے پر محاذ آرائی شروع ہو چکی ہے۔ امریکی سفارتخانے کی ویب سائٹ کے مطابق ان میں سے ایک بسنت و بہار نامی تہوار ہے۔ ا مریکی سفارتخانے کا کہنا ہے کہ یہ اس خطے کا قدیم تہوار اور ثقافت ہے اس لئے وہ اسے معاشرے میں رائج کرنے اور محفوظ کرنے کے لئے فنڈز فراہم کررہا ہے۔ انہیں سترہ پروجیکٹس میں  قدیم بدھ   دیوتائوں کے بت، قدیم مندر اور  دیگر  ایسے علاقائی تہوار شامل ہیں جو اب معدوم ہوچکے ہیں اور اگر انہیں بحال کیا جاتا ہے تو اس سے براہ راست پاکستانی تشخص اور  اسلامی کلچر پر اثر پڑتا ہے۔ امریکی سفیر کا  ایک کہنا ہے کہ وہ پاکستان کی نہیں بلکہ علاقائی ثقافت کو محفوظ بنانے کے لئے کام کررہے ہیں اور انہیں اس کی اجازت اقوام متحدہ کا چارٹر دیتا ہے۔

امریکی سفارتخانے کی جانب سے فیس بک پر دئیے گئے اشتہار کا عکس امریکی سفارتخانے کی جانب سے فیس بک پر دئیے گئے اشتہار کا عکس

{February 10, 2012}   HOW TO COPE WITH COLD WEATHER

Basically the human beings are hot animals and they can not bear cold weather.

Life disturb due to cold weather in most parts of the country

Therefore they have to make some adaptations like wearing warm cloths in order to adjust in the cold environment. For the humans to survive they need to produce enough body heat by in- taking large quantities of food and by controlling the loss of heat with the help of warm shelters and clothing.
A lowest temperature that a person can bear may vary from person to person but normally at 25 degrees a person may start feeling cold. Soon after shivering starts to occur and skin starts giving other responses as well.
These physical responses mean that a moderately fortunate full adult can maintain their temperature in still air above freezing point with light cloths. This mending of temperature becomes overmuch fractious in afoot air and also in blunt or wet conditions. If the extremities fall down the freezing level than a lasting harm may occur. The cooling essence of afoot air is suitable. Paul Siple of America explained that wind raises the rate of temperature loss.

His unique experiments were conducted in Antarctica in 1941 by evaluating how longer it took h2o to immobilize in baked beans tins in varied strengths of wind and at dissimilar temperatures.

The use of cool wind is used to guide the efficient temperature at a certain wind speed. For example in cold conditions a person wearing warm cloths may even be in a little danger. A light wind has the same effects as the temperature of -44 degrees when a person is exposed.
There are certain tips as well that may help you to cope with the cold temperature. The ones that are most common and helpful are to wear layer of cloths, take warm drinks and soups etc.

{January 29, 2012}   Convocation Day Speech

‎* My Graduation Speech* 😛 — by Saira ALi 😀

Time passed by so quickly.. I am in tears while writing my graduation speech.
I have a list of thanking notes today…
First of all I would like to thanks with thousand hearts to dear ‘Google’ without which I wouldn’t have been able to complete my MBA. Google! u were always there when I had nothing in my mind.. Thanks for providing me 100 answers of 1silly question.
I would like to say special thanks to “Copy-Paste” option without which I wouldn’t have been able to make my assignments and reports within few minutes.
I am really grateful to “Yahoo answers”…. U helped me when my every class fellow used to search on google.. I took your help.. thinking u might have some different answers than google… 😀
‘Wikipedia’ I am in Love with u… Throughout my graduation life.. u worked as a complete “Package”… When I had less time to search on google and then compile… U provided me a “bani-banaye Report”..

I would like to pay a big thanks to “PDF Converter” … When there were some stupid PDF reports in which I couldn’t use the copy paste option.. I used ‘You’ to convert it to word document ♥
Thanks to my department’s canteen.. by sitting there, I made ‘Decisions of my Life’..
Special thanks to the Long route of Karachi University… It was a 20 minutes’ walk from Gate to my department.. which never let my weight more than 47 Kgs ever ♥
Shukran to the Projector… which never let me run my presentation on the actual date 😀
Thanks to libraray.. I used to spend most of the time there coz it was the only place with AC …:D
Thanks to Baba.. who gave me 3 ‘Fake Internships Certificate’….Thanks to amma for letting everyone know “meri beti MBA kar rahe hai” 😀
& Yes.. Special Thanks to that “Fees submitting procedure”… I learnt ultimate lessons of Patience while standing in a long queue for submitting that damn semester fees.
Thanks to main cantene.. for making me a huge lover of that “Aik rupe wala samosa” ♥
Thanks to my net friends.. for providing me their never ending moral support and wasting my time..
Ohh yes.. Thanks to my teachers too for letting me sit in the exams without any “50% Attendance must” 😀

Fatima Bhutto still waiting for the Justice

Fatima Bhutto sent her younger brother Zulfiqar Jr. away from Pakistan the day Asif Ali Zardari became the country’s President.

Niece of slain former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, Fatima Bhutto says in her latest book, her “blood froze” on the day her uncle Zardari became the president.

Zardari was accused of plotting the murder of Fatima Bhtto’s father Murtaza Bhutto. Fatima insists Zardari is the murderer of her father even though he has been acquitted of the charge.

“On 20 September, 2008, on the 12th anniversary of Papa’s death, Asif Zardari took his oath as president of Pakistan. The ceremony had been scheduled for the day before, the 19th, but had been moved on the orders of the new president, who rescheduled his big day for Saturday, Papa’s barsi,” Fatima writes in her just-released memoir “Songs of Blood and Sword”.

“As he stood in front of parliament, which had voted him into the post almost unanimously (in the same highly democratic way that General Musharraf was ‘elected’ president), he paused in his speech and asked for a moment of silence to mark the occasion of his brother-in-law’s death. My blood froze. It was as if he was taunting us.

Murtaza Bhutto was killed Sep 20, 1996, when Fatima was 14, in a shootout with police near his Karachi residence called 70 Clifton.

On Dec 3, 2009, a Karachi court acquitted 20 policemen charged with Murtaza’s killing. Fatima and her mother Ghinwa called the verdict a mockery of justice.

After Benazir’s government was dismissed in 1996, Zardari was detained for having a part in Murtaza’s assassination. However, no charges were ever proved for want of evidence as the scene of Murtaza’s assassination was wiped clean before police investigators could arrive.

“When Zardari announced himself as the PPP’s unanimously chosenpresidential candidate we knew he would stop at nothing to reach the pinnacle of power. There was no turning back for him. Against all odds, he was going to rule Pakistan. We made the decision to take Zulfi out of the country. It was decision we had been avoiding, hoping it would not be necessary, since Benazir was killed in December 2007.

“But as Zulfi was the only surviving male heir of the Bhuttos, we couldn’t take the risk of leaving him vulnerable. Besides Zulfi, the only remaining Bhuttos are (cousin) Sassi and I. We don’t live in a country with a free press, we don’t live in a country with an independent judiciary – or any judiciary for that matter. We have no safeguards against a violent and vindictive government,” Fatima writes.

The book comes at a time when Zardari is set to be deprived of his sweeping powers through a constitutional amendment being tabled in parliament Friday to transfer to the prime minister major powers like the appointment of armed forces chiefs and reduce the president to a titular head of state.



In 1995, a former ISI official told reporters that he had arranged meetings between Nawaz Sharif and Osama bin Laden. Nawaz Sharif was allegedly looking to bin Laden to help fund his 1988 campaign for Prime Minister, and was willing to say anything to get it.

“Nawaz Sharif insisted that I arrange a direct meeting with the Osama, which I did in Saudi Arabia. Nawaz met thrice with Osama in Saudi Arabia. The most historic was the meeting in the Green Palace Hotel in Medina between Nawaz Sharif, Osama and myself. Osama asked Nawaz to devote himself to “jihad in Kashmir”. Nawaz immediately said, ‘I love jihad.’ Osama smiled, and then stood up from his chair and went to a nearby pillar and said, ‘Yes, you may love jihad, but your love for jihad is this much.’ He then pointed to a small portion of the pillar. ‘Your love for children is this much,’ he said, pointing to a larger portion of the pillar. ‘And your love for your parents is this much,’ he continued, pointing towards the largest portion. ‘I agree that you love jihad, but this love is the smallest in proportion to your other affections in life.’”

This wasn’t the last we heard of Nawaz Sharif’s friendship with Osama bin Laden. In 2007, ABC News reported that Sharif took bribes from bin Laden to look the other way as militants carried out their plans in Pakistan.

Cloonan says that back in 1999 Mohamed told the FBI he arranged for a meeting between bin Laden and Sharif’s representatives. Following that meeting, Mohamed told Cloonan he delivered $1 million to Sharif’s representatives. Mohamed said the payoff was a tribute to Sharif for not cracking down on the Taliban as it flourished in Afghanistan and influenced the Northwest Frontier Province in Pakistan, according to Cloonan.

New evidence has surfaced, though, that suggests those meetings were merely the beginning of a long relationship between Nawaz Sharif and Osama bin Laden.

Nawaz Sharif, a two-time former prime minister of Pakistan and current head of one of the country’s major political parties, has met with Osama bin Laden on numerous occasions, and it was in fact the al Qaeda leader who developed the relationship between Sharif and the Saudi royal family, says a former Pakistani intelligence official.

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