Youth Awareness

{March 28, 2011}   Are you ready for a cracker ?

India has made to semi-finals of the cricket world cup 2011 to face Pakistan by defeating world champions Australia.

The semi final which is scheduled for 30th of March is one of the most awaited day for the people of sub-continent. Two days before the match takes place and the time has frozen on us. As much as I am excited, this is also making me nervous.

Unless you have been sleeping under the rock, you probably know about the big day that’s just 5 days away now: Pakistan-India semi final. Speculations of all sorts are in the air and the crowd is getting crazy.

Tennis star & wife of ex captain of Pakistan cricket team, Sania Mirza, says “The War is On”.

I know it’s weird that I actually thought about this but when they got married earlier in April, I thought to myself who will Sania be supporting in a Pakistan-India cricket match. Well, we have an answer and an interesting one.

Sania Mirza tweeted on her official account

I support India and @realshoaibmalik will support Pakistan as usual!the war is

To which Shoaib replied

@MirzaSania yes pls be ready baby its on lol hahaha

The craze is in the air. Pakistan vs India is all our twitter timelines and Facebook news-feeds read. 48 hours before it all begins, and this is trending worldwide on twitter. Pakistan has never beaten India a single match in the history of cricket world cup but has India beaten Pakistan a single match at Mohali? The history shall repeat but which one? Will you make a really good excuse to ditch college/work this day? Or would you just say Pakistan vs India! Who prevails in this game? Are you ready?

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