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{March 27, 2011}   Amn ki Aasha cum Cricket Diplomacy or dignity of a Nation ?

PM’s invitation, involvement of Higher ranks in Semi Final, talks on foreign secretaries level just when only 2 days left for that all important match, Imran khan’s prediction about India’s chances, and inside reports of clash between 3 captain’s playing for Pakistan in world cup 2011…..heated promotion of “Amn ki Aasha on media”, green top wicket,

Seems something’s cooking …..:S

Like always, Pakistan has to pay the price of peace, brotherhood, between two countries ? Like always, do we need to sacrifice, and put our dignity on risk, throw the efforts of Team Pakistan in trash, just to initiate peace talks with India who always betrayed us ?

I am looking forward for few aspects of the game :-

1) Attitude of Pakistani players on Indian soil

2) Attitude of management with political individuals from both sides

3) Pressure of Indian media

4) Gilani’s approach on game

5) Afridi’s tactics before, during and after the game

6) Performance of Younus, Misbah & Kamran Akmal that is still a question mark, specially Misbah & younus as both of them were strong contenders of captaincy before the series.

7) Pakistan’s batting abilities

8) Shoaib’s inclusion

There are many aspects on which we need to focus on before the match, but in my opinion, above quoted are core issues which Afridi needs to look at, ow to tackle. And most importantly, how Pakistani players performance in immense pressure.

I am 100% confident on Pakistan’s capabilities to beat India in India, but i doubt Politics will took over just like before on account of “Amn ki Aasha” and “Cricket Diplomacy” ?

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