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{February 20, 2011}   Making Money was never this easy :)

Yesterday i was surfing my facebook, and i saw an add in which my friend was inviting everyone to share their email addresses so that she can send them details how they can make money online by simply  making friends and expending their network. I did’nt noticed her activities at first wondering why someone will pay me Euros for doing nothing ?

But when i got an email from her, describing the procedure, i was little excited that it cost me nothing but only 3 minutes to do this excercise, even if i did’nt get money, atleast i can make my friend happy. Therefore, i start signing up, and i went into the details, it feels really good and the procedure seems logical, specially the reason why this website is paying their users just for expending their network.

I am in sales/marketing by profession and i find it reall fun and interesting, and why not ? i am getting €500/- for doing nothing, just 3 min on internet and nothing.

After getting first responce from the sponsors of this sales campaign, i thought i have to share it with with people who need it. I admit, at first it looks weired to believe but when you do that, you start enjoying it. Therefore, with permission from the friend who forwarded me, i would like to share this on this blog so that maximum people can take advantage of it.


This is as simple as A.B.C.D. and entertaining…..
there are sme few steps
1) 1st click on that link

click on conect with Syed Kashif Ali (you need to do that as this is referral system and this guy is authorized.

then signup.. and do not  change this name in the refrence..   because you cannot signup without a referred person.

2) After sign up .. login 1st with your user id and password and then open this link

3) Then login with your “sitetalk” login and pasword. then click on geneology>> open your network tree……

4) Then you can see the tree  1st name is urs and other white balls are empty .. you just refer people like we refer you in this network and increase your network to ad people.
5) Apply for master ATM card by clicking this link

6) When you reach 5000 people in your network..  you got 500 euro in ur card.. and get your money from any ATm machine near you.

its a very easy and entertaining method to earn at home..

For confirmation and signup guide, download this Powerpoint attachment which is a support file from this address. it gves you more help

i can bet, once you did it, you’ll start enjoying it, and repeat it more often, and hopefully will become regular visitor of the site, so happy surfing and remember me in your prayers.

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