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{January 23, 2011}   MQM and Hakim Saeed Murder



today we will unveil many secrets

Those declared culprits in the Hakeem Saeed murder, were they really responsible?

I have with me very senior person, who was the head of IB, the director general of Intelligence Bureau, has been placed in positions such as Personal Staff Office to the Prime Minister, Colonel Iqbal Khan Niazi and has experienced a lot and was replaced on the 12th October when Musharraf did a blood less coup.

Lucman: Color Sahab, welcome to point blank with lucman

Niazi: thank you

Lucman: I would like to thank you for a reason which I would like to tell my viewers as well that for the last 3 months I was after him to come in front of media and reveal the facts , tell us what are the real history and its right of the public as well.

Lucman: Hakeem Said, a legendary name of Pakistan, ex governor of Sindh, he was mysteriously assassinated in your tenure, then the murderers were arrested and were called that they are the real murderers. What was it?

Niazi: This is a dark incident from our history in which a charming and extremely respectable personality who was also governor of Sindh was murdered and the assassination was blamed on Muttahida Quami Movement. On this issue a JIT was constituted.


Lucman: JIT?

Niazi: Yes Joint Interrogation Team

Lucman: Joint Interrogation Team

Niazi: JIT, in which members of different agencies interrogate any indicted or accused arrested.

So the accused in this case was named Tipu.

Lucman: The person nominated/accused?

Niazi: Yes, accused with others as well. But according to Intelligence Bureau (IB) findings, Tipu was not involved in this murder. And the report of this joint interrogation team was a divided report. And the video of this JIT was being recorded. My joint-director Sindh took me in another room where I met another person named who belonged to Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz, and is now deceased, and he said that the accused Tipu is wrongly accused but since the Rana Maqbool have declared in media that he is the accused, Rana does not wish to give a corrigendum in the media because of political reasons.

I took that video and went to Saif Ur Rehman, who was then at Governor House Sindh along with Prime Minister of Pakistan, and shown then the video of investigation, and shown the body language of the accused and interrogators

Lucman: So there was enough torture?

Niazi: Yes there was so that the accused was confessing to just anything the interrogator was blaming. Then I told them to watch the video yourself. Then they watched the video themselves and told me to go along with my Join Director to go to Rana Maqbool’s office tomorrow morning.

Niazi: When we went to Rana Maqbool’s office, we told them that Intelligence Bureau has a different assessment and the accused Tipu is innocent. He should not be used in order to get promotions or claim prize money and even then if you wish to accuse him, do not put a murder accusation on him, reinvestigate and further check it.

Niazi: Then Rana Maqbool flared up and started misbehaving with my joint director and told him that what mockery you are trying to do with me, we have declared him an accused, nominated him in murder and about to create a charge sheet and now you are telling us he is an innocent?

Niazi: The assessment of IB was that Tipu is not a criminal and is innocent.


Lucman: But on the basis of this Rana Maqbool was promoted to Inspector General of Police Sindh and he started a grand operation against MQM, in which many of its political activists were killed. So do you think those killed were innocent or guilty?

Niazi: Only Rana Maqbool can tell this!

Lucman: You also have to die one day?

Niazi: When this operation began, I was not part of it, nor was I in favor of starting this operation. Then they also established military courts so that the cases can be speedily disposed off and the accused we’ve arrested is quickly sentenced, and the disposal done in way that military courts gave them death sentence. Which were then set void and accused were set free when the civilian courts were restored, then was appealed in high court of Sindh.

Niazi: According to IB’s finding, the accused was an innocent.

Lucman: So I feel that all of us who were accusing one political party till to date – were wrong as per what you are saying now?

Niazi: Yes they were wrong accusations

Lucman: MQM is not responsible?

Niazi: I don’t know about the other acts of MQM, but in this case, according my surveillance and of my staff and according to the reports and statements of Intelligence Bureau, I feel safe in saying that the accused was innocent one hundred and one percent.


Niazi: A short example of this would be that the accused was made to record a statement that he, along with 9 accused was on the roof of a building. When our interrogation team went there, we could not find a single bud of cigarette, we could not find a single foot print, on a roof where the accused spent a whole night? We could not even find the presence of a bird there! So what kind of evidence was that which could not be confirmed?

Lucman: So the report of the joint interrogation committee was ever made public in which there was a conflict that the accused are innocent in this case.

Niazi: No it cannot come because only the concerned authorities are told about the view point of IB but they let go police and do it.

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