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{January 7, 2011}   Office 2010 Arrives

Microsoft Office 2010 or the 14thseries of Microsoft office and also as the next generation of Office 2007 version now is coming.  In Office 2010 will be lighter than the previous version of Microsoft Office. In Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office will support two versions of a separate, e.g version 32 bit and 64 bit versions. MS Office 2010 arrives with its five new features that really attractive for home and small business users. Office 2010 includes Access 2010, Excel 2010, InfoPath 2010, OneNote 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Project 2010, Publisher 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, SharePoint Workspace 2010, Visio 2010, up to Word 2010.Microsoft says Office 2010 will let you use your PC, phone, and the Web to make your projects come together more efficiently.

The Ribbon, introduced in Office 2007 continues to keep frequently used features handy at the top of your work space. But in Office 2010, you’ll have access to the Ribbon across all of the applications in the suite, with contextual tabs and features to help you get the most out of each program. In Outlook 2010, , a Quick Steps section of the Ribbon has options to let you quickly create team meetings, move threads to specific folders, or custom forward messages) to specific recipients. In Excel, you can flip through the tabs to access formulas, insert diagrams and charts, and quickly import data from connected sources. Having an easy way to access the most-used functions of each of the Office applications is very easy.

In office 2010, “file” tab in all of the applications, so it’s pretty familiar for users of the older version. Clicking on it brings up all the controls for saving, sharing, printing, and so on. One suggestion  to add Quick Print  option to the Quick Access  toolbar on the very top of the Window, so you are able to print without going to a menu. Word’s Navigation pane, Document Map is markedly improved. You first use styling to indicate the different levels within your document–title, headings, and so on. Then, when you turn on the navigation pane, all the headings appear in an outline fashion on the side of the screen.

The new version of power point 2010 lets you import a video clip into PowerPoint and then trim the clip, setting start and end points. It sounds simple, and again, you could always use a separate video. In office 2010, you will get better graphics editing. You can better edit graphics within your documents in much more convenient. Documents are stored on Skydrive, a Microsoft service that you can log into with a Hotmail or Live password. Microsoft is initially limiting this to 25 gigabytes, but that should be more than enough for most business users.



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