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{December 19, 2010}   Is Veena Malik enticing Ashmit for free media mileage?

We are aware of the Pakistani starlet Veena Malik falling all over Bollywood

actor Ashmit Patel in Bigg Boss. Her antics have made Veena quite a ‘drama queen’ on the reality show. But not many know that Veena actually bagged the show, thanks to none other than Ashmit’s own public relations officer, Dale Bhagwagar.
Earlier in Pakistan, Veena Malik achieved instant popularity when she claimed that her ex-boyfriend, cricketer Mohammad Asif, was involved in match-fixing. The cricketing scandal made bigger headlines when Asif, along with two other players Mohammad Amir and Salman Butt, were suspended by the Pakistan Cricket Board, while Interpol and Scotland Yard began investigating the case.

Even then, not many knew Veena Malik in India, before Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar stepped in. It began with an obscure news report with Veena alleging from Pakistan that Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra (also a PR client of Bhagwagar) was having links with the now-tainted Mohammad Asif, and that she was also involved in the match-fixing scandal with him.
The frivolous allegation enraged Neetu and her publicist, and the latter called a press meet, vehemently refuting Veena’s outrageous claims. The PR specialist’s hard-hitting denials all over the media turned out to be a hundred times stronger than Veena’s controversial allegations. In the bargain, the Pakistani starlet hit national headlines in India. Adding to the drama, live debates ensued between Veena and Neetu’s publicist on Indian television for almost two weeks.
Some media professionals even speculated that out of the many actresses in Bollywood, Veena probably chose to attack Neetu Chandra, well knowing that she had a far-reaching publicist with her. Many even believed, Veena deliberately provoked the PR guru into mass retaliation in media, to attain instant fame in India and get a passport to Bollywood.
Since Bigg Boss loves controversy and confrontations, both Neetu Chandra and Veena Malik got invited to be a part of the reality show. Neetu declined, while Veena jumped to the opportunity.
And now, in the Bigg Boss House, Veena is seen kissing, cuddling and caressing the PR client (Ashmit Patel), of the same publicist (Bhagwagar), responsible not only for her popularity in India, but also her presence on the reality show.
Wonder if Veena is working her charms on Ashmit in a bid to ‘use’ the same publicist once again for free national media mileage outside the Bigg Boss House, while she openly flirts with the actor inside!

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nadeem says:

veena malik you are very fucking girls ok u r go to hell i mean to say india go

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