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{December 3, 2010}   December 06 – Sindhi Topi Day

People around the world specially in Pakistan observe pride and protection of Sindhi topi a unique cultural day The Sindhi Topi Day for the first time in the history of Pakistan on December 6. Interestingly, the day was not announced by any political party but the common people of Sindh decided to celebrate the Sindhi topi after a short message service (SMS) spread throughout the province in response to the comments of a private channel anchorperson, who criticized President Zardari for wearing a traditional Sindhi topi during foreign tours. Following widespread criticism of these comments. Different political parties and other groups also supported the idea. Sindhi topi is famous all over the Pakistan, where not only Sindhi, but also the Pukhtoons and Baloch wear the cap.

Sindhi Topt: Sindh has one distinctive cap, which stands out for its colorful embroidery and glasswork, it is round in shape except that a portion in front is cut out to expose the forehead for the same reasons as explained earlier Witch represents the Islamic culture of Mihrab. It comes in two varieties – hard and soft. The hard variety will keep its shape when not worn but the soft variety can be folded and even put into one’s picket. Most Sindhis, rich or poor, own a Sindhi cap.






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