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{November 11, 2010}   CID Building, Karachi Bomb Blast

In the past, we’ve observed a common practice that whenever Government wants to do something which might affect common Pakistani, they raise something new and divert the attention of media towards that issue resulting in smooth decision taking with reaction percentage zero from media and opposition.

Today, city of Quaid, the city of lights witnessed an extreme barbaric act of terrorism i.e. Bomb Blast at CID Building situated in a red zone and considered to be most secured area of the Karachi with Five star hotels, clubs, gymkhana, Chief Minister’s Residence, Governor’s residence and last but not the least, American Consulate. Attackers in Car & bikes, initially started their attack from P.I.D.C roundabout and open fire and after 150 to 20 minutes of this activity, a ladden van carrying approx. thousand kg of explosive,  struck the C.I.D building.

The first statement which comes from Sindh Govt. representative was that, this is nothing just a reaction from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (who claimed responsibility as reported by local media) when CID arrested their men about 48 hours ago.

With this statement the questions which popup in my mind are :-

1) Is it possible to plan such a brutal attack within hours/days ?

2) If yes, then these extreme elements must have a strong network of terrorism in Karachi (which our agencies and law enforcement agencies can’t see), their network is stronger then the network of agencies ?

3) If yes, then they must be planning to strengthen this network since years, what our agencies and law enforcement departments are doing ?

4)  Other thing is timing of the blast, i.e. just before the assembly session which will approve RGST. Is it the same propaganda act by Government ?

The Karachi bomb attack has shifted the media away from criticizing the price hikes, inflation and now RGST will also get approval smoothly tomorrow. as far as I can remember, there has always been bomb attack within a week of the Government announcing price raise. If you investigate since 2007 and you will get the link to prove this aspect of the terrorism.

What I mean to say is that the media should not get carried away focusing on Bomb attacks, when they have so elegantly created awareness about the price increases and the coming taxes. RGST is bound to be approved because we HAVE to, and have already promised IMF for doing it.

Regarding the severe and urban bomb attacks, if one would investigate they happen close to the bomb attacks the Government forces on its people. Now, there is a great possibility that it could be a coincidence too, because the price increases and the bomb attacks are very frequent in the past 3 years. But the Zaid Hamid angle should also not be ignored. As where there is smoke, there has to be a fire. I am also not ruling out Black Water/XE from this scenario, as once again the Taliban have claimed responsibility in ‘urgency’ i.e. within ten minutes of the blast.

Apart from the questions mentioned above, i don’t understand one more thing. I wonder how thousand KG explosive was transported in a city with strict checking on all entrance, and was shifted to a van then moved to red zone area where police is active in snap checking, specially at the time when security is on high alert :O. Eye witnesses told resources that the attackers opened fire, covered a distance of about 400meters (in car and on bike, where pillion riding is restricted) reached C.I.D building, killed security personnel deployed on the main gate, opened the barrier, and then ladden  van entered the premises and then they blew up everything, and all this activity was performed in 25 minutes in a red zone (High security zone).

does that click your mind ?

something fishy for sure 🙂



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