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{November 6, 2010}   Shaheed E Inqilab Dr. Imran Farooq, An Immortal Legend

By: Khurram Hasan


The man who was punished to raise his voice for the suppressed and identity less class of the Urdu speaking decedents of the Migrants of 1947, Migrants who were dedicated with the spirit of freedom and passion for Pakistan, a new heaven of their dreams. Migrants who were responsible for the  historical and revolutionary movement of the 20th century under the leadership of Qaid e Azam M.A Jinnah which resulted in the formation of an independent country for all the Muslims of the subcontinent in 1947. Migrants who were moving in blind faith, giving away their land, properties, relatives, friends, lives and dignities on their way to towards their ultimate homeland where they would be treated equally and where they would enjoy their human, social and cultural rights in harmony. Migrants, who were unaware of the horrifying fact that they were heading towards another deep blind ditch of slavery where they would not be able to get recognition as Pakistanis and would remain as a “minority” until decades.

The long tale of mental, physical, social, cultural and economic injustice with the Urdu speaking “minority” is not hidden from the eyes of the history, this long era came at its full boom soon after the defeat of Jinnah’s sister, Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah by the dictator Air Marshal Ayub Khan in 1964 elections when the young state of Pakistan, suddenly found itself trapped under the deadly spider web of feudal and corrupt military intelligence like a fire fly paralyzed and waiting to be swallowed by the fatal poison.

History tells us that when the institutions are corrupted, new movements are born.

Then was the beginning of another revolutionary struggle as a result that solidified itself in 1980′s under the charismatic leadership of Altaf Hussain, a young university student from a middle class Urdu speaking family. In this newly born political movement striving for the rights and identity of the decedents of the poor migrants in Pakistan there was another young man, a medical college student and one of the very first peoples who joined this movement, Dr.Imran Farooq. An intellect, critic, poet, an inborn scholar, a philosopher, a leader and a wonderful faithful human.

The painful and drastic conditions of his struggle cover two decades and are not easy to be told in words. How, where and in what worst living conditions he remained in hiding for seven, eight years, is still a mystery but it is also a fact that he kept on working to keep the movement running, intact and consolidated. Then his life in the exile in the UK. His teachings, writings and ideology helped the MQM to survive the military operations under the influence of political parties which ruined Pakistan in the last two decades.

For so long, he was supposed to be dead, in their madness for power, they could have never believed to see him reappearing alive and healthy in the year 1999.

He was punished for his crime of raising his voice to unite the 98% poor people of Pakistan, he became a threat to the 14 elite families of the feudal and corrupt capitalists and the generals who had exploited the state of Pakistan and all its resources with both their hands who never wanted to leave this golden sparrow free, which we call Pakistan.

He remained unhappy about the instability of Pakistan, the gambling of Politics and the repetition of the same antiquated faces back into the political arena. Many pains, he declared about Pakistan, but never about his own pains and sufferings in the line of revolution, how he consumed all his youth, his days of life and precious moments away from home, family and in what conditions to keep the movement of revolution alive.

تاریخ و فلسفہ و سیاست و خطابت

مذہب یا نفسیات صحافت یا قیادت

ہر شعبے میں مہکاہے خیالات کے گلشن

افکار نیے ڈالے ہیں کھولے ہیں نے در

میدان شاعری کا جو محروم تھا اب تک

جھنڈے یہاں بھی گار دے آپ نے آ کر

In the acquisition of the crime for the call for a revolution, Pakistan’s administration connivance with the corrupt and feudal political parties were once successful in appointing the price of the head of Dr.Imran Farooq but they would never be able to return this price and its value until the last Hour even if they agree to give all the wealth they have looted from Pakistan.

Dr. Imran Farooq, an Immortal Legend. An Unforgettable National Hero, A Martyr of Revolution and A true Son of the Soil. The man who was never allowed to live like an independent citizen in the country made by the sacrifices of his ancestors is now finally returning back today to his home land to live forever”.


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Syed Kashif Nawaz, says:

MQM has once again proven the discipline of its movement! Today’s funeral event was an example of the masses congregating peacefully to pay tributes to its leader. May the conspirators and the racist hate mongers pull their hair until they go bald!

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