Youth Awareness

{November 2, 2010}   Imran Khan Campained for a Jewish Candidate

By: Ahmed Ullah Orakzai

When a fox preaches, take care of your geese. The famous saying indicates a person pretending to be what he is actually not. If talking about politics and particularly Pakistan politics, we have such various misleading personalities who falsely imitate to be loyal, honest, steady, patriotic and faithful. One of them is Mr. Imran Khan, the leader of an unvalued party (as far as Parliament is concerned) Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. We have seen numerous times, Mr. Imran khan taking a U-turn, his ON and OFF caprice for the former President Musharraf, JI, PML-N, MQM and other political forces are quite habitual now. This jerked behavior is one if his attributes.

Mr Khan can talk against any government for hours and hours, whether talk to him on Democracy, dictatorship, policies, ministries, Army, Judiciary or anything, Imran is never happy at all. On many occasions Mr. Khan had gave statements opposing the army operation against Extremist talibans, one important thing which we should recall is, Taliban consider Imran khan as a true Pakistani and a good Muslim bypassing the fact that Imran Khan had a love-child with Sita White and such act has a punishment of Death according to Islamic Sharia.
The soft corner of Imran Khan, in the hearts of Taliban was enough to prove Imran khan a traitor and most of the citizens realized that Imran is an Anti-Pakistan element. But now the chief Imran Khan has thrown himself full-time into the election campaign of Conservative Jewish candidate “Zac Goldsmith”, the younger brother of his ex-wife Jemima Khan. One should not forget that Mr. Zac is a Jewish conservative candidate, and running a campaign for such a person requires a lot of clarification. The party Mr. Zac belongs to, also have some close contacts with Israeli elements through a Parliamentary group which is well known as “Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI)”.
Now a question arise, is it appropriate to run a campaign for Zac Goldsmith at the same time when your own country is in a great trouble, and having threats not only from across the borders but inside too. When Pakistan needs a political stabilized democracy, Mr Khan plays his vital role to destabilize the current system, not only by his words, but by his actions too. Or is it a payback time, for the benefits and favors which Imran have received in past from Jewish lobby. It is quite obvious that Imran’s current activities are redeems for the charities and the premium support of his Jewish friends.
Since last few years, Imran Khan had tried his best to misguide the youth of the country. But as his actual agendas are apparent now and his current huge margin defeats in Bi-elections have proved Imran as a failure and Pakistan Nation as the winner for eliminating a Jewish element.

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