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{October 31, 2010}   The most incompetent Railway Minister in the history of Pakistan

The Federal Minister of Railways, Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is the worst Railway Minister in the history of South Asia and  most probably the world. It was on his watch that the Pakistan Railways has lost more money than ever before. His incompetence is not limited to Railways, he is a failed politician too.

He can make a lot of excuses and has no solutions. If things are bad, he should have held a conference of local and international experts and come up with solutions two years ago. He didn’t. because when he took over the Railways were fine. His absence from the scene and horrid management has brought it to the brink. He has time to interfere in the politics of other provinces, and doesn’t have time to pay attention to his own job.

It is amazing that Mr. Gilani has not yet fired the man.

In describing the railways he said that the British had given South Asia a good railway system and Pakistan had not maintained it. Duh! The Railways was just fine even under the guidance of Sheikh Rashid–admittedly not the brightest crayon in the box.

Even during his time, he added several trains and juggled the schedule and ordered about 300 brand new engines from China. To hide is ineptitude Ghulam Ahmed Bilour tries to blame the Chinese engines for the malaise that he finds himself in.

Federal Minister for railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour said the recent floods in the country have damaged the railways system immensely. However rehabilitation work is being done on it.

Talking to media after addressing the passing out ceremony in Lahore Bilour said that in the past railways have been badly neglected and on top of that recent floods in the country have completely destroyed the system, but we are hopeful and will soon put railways back on the tracks.

While talking to the media he stressed the need to prioritize railways as its considered the back bone of any nation, he also said that work had been done for motorways in the past but nothing positive for railways and due to which the system is collapsing .

The federal minister also said that although we are facing huge problems but we are striving to put railways back on its feet, as it will be a big deficit for the economy if the system collapsed. We are trying our best to make it a profitable institution and for that we need to buy new engines.

Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour blames the current state of the Pakistan Railways on bad parts from China. It is amazing that Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour did not get on a plane and head to China to resolve the issue with the manufacturers of the engines. Railway insiders say that Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour doesn’t have a clue about the Railways or anything. Mr. Bilour has run the Railways into the ground because he did not enforce regular maintenance on the engines and did nothing to find out what is profitable for the grid. The Railways still has billions of Dollars of assets which can be leveraged to purchase new bogeys and engines.

Mr. Bilour represents the corruption of the heads of about 10 major departments. To stop the bleeding drastic steps have to be taken to turn the organizations around. Just spending $1 Billion on the Rialways will not solve anything. The Railways have always been an asset for Pakistan and Mr. Bilour is to blame for its sorry state of affairs.

Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour should be fired immediately and replaced with a professional engineer that knows how to run a professional organization.


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