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{October 31, 2010}   Indian Army chief General Deepak Kapoor’s lies & deceit

The Bharati (aka Indian) Chief of Army staff is new in his position and has had a “eureka moment”. He is already showing his ignorance and incompetence. He has raised controversy internally, and now he has made waves externally.

New Delhi: Kicking up a storm in the ranks, Army chief General Deepak Kapoor has ensured the promotion of his protege, northern army commander Lt Gen PC Bhardwaj, as the next vice chief of army staff. The appointment is against tradition, under which the senior most of the Lieutenant Generals is appointed vice chief, and is being dubbed as an attempt to scuttle the chances of Lt Gen VK Singh of becoming the army chief in March 2010.

As per tradition, Singh, chief of the Kolkata-based eastern command, should have been made vice chief.DNA first reported the standoff, following which the defence ministry suggested a third alternative.But Kapoor had his way. Kapoor has his way, Bhardwaj named next vice chief of army staff, Josy Joseph / DNAWednesday, September 2, 2009 3:34 IST

Stung by the reports by real Bharati scientists who say that the Pokhran II explosions were a fizzle, he is now trying to change the subject beyond the 24 hour news stories. General Kapoor’s epiphany has woken him from his slumber to realize that the Pakistani nuclear program is India-specific. As Forest Gump could see “Well Gollee!–where have to been this past decade?”.

If General Deepak Kapoor had an IQ higher than single digits, the timing of the Pakistani explosions would have given him a hint. Didn’t it occur to General Kapoor that the Pakistani nuclear explosions were a direct response to Bharat’s explosions in 1998.

Doesn’t General Kapoor have any aids that could inform him that his maniacal statement about the Pakistani nukes border on pure insanity.

If General Kapoor didn’t know up till now, let us inform him that the Pakistan Nuclear and missile program is Bharat specific. It is not directed against any other country in the world. Maybe a picture would help.

The range of Pakistan’s India-centric missiles. The Pakistani missile program is helping it develop a space program.

A day after TIMES NOW reported details of a scientific report by top US defence experts on Pakistan’s secret nuclear expansion, Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor has slammed Pakistan saying the country is “going well beyond” the degree of minimum credible deterrence required for protection.

“There is a difference between having a degree of deterrence which is required for one’s own protection, and going beyond that degree of deterrence. If news reports of them (Pakistan) having 70-90 atomic bombs are correct then I think they are going well beyond the so-called requirement of deterrence even, that is something which is of concern to all of us,” Gen Kapoor told reporters today.

…a US scientific federation report reveals that Pakistan could be using these funds to ramp up its nuclear stockpile.

The report also suggests that Pakistan is now shifting its base from uranium to plutonium as fuel to power its nuclear weapons, in a bid to make its nuclear warheads lighter with a larger range – allegedly with assistance from China. This, along with giving Pakistan an alternative to uranium-based arsenal, will also make it easier to transport the weapons to other countries.

While the incumbent Zardari government is mum on the issue, the earlier Musharaf government has responded defensively. But what is worrying the international community and India is the fact that Pakistan’s growing arsenal includes a number of weapons specifically targetting India. Times Now. Army chief slams Pak for ‘secret nuclear expansion’ 2 Sep 2009, 1311 hrs IST

Here is another map for General Kapoor’s edification.

It is pedagogical to note the timing of General Kapoor’s epiphany. It has occurred at a time when the Bharati defense establishment is best by huge corruption issues. The Bharati military industrial complex is awash in a sea of incompetence. General Kapoor’s rhetoric against Pakistan is nothing new. The tirade is typical of the usual vitriol against Pakistan. A few years ago the Bharati establishment tried its level best to get international sanctions imposed on Pakistan. The effort failed and Bharati agents in Swat have been exterminated. The remnants will be cleared.

Now on the eve of the passage of the US Aid package to Pakistan, the Bharati establishment and media is propping up old dead skeletons.


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