Youth Awareness

{October 25, 2010}   Late Night Packages


Various special packages offered by the cellular phone companies have become a source of pollution, which are detrimental to the future of youth, while there is a need for legislation to regulate usage of the new technology.

This was revealed in a survey conducted by a group of students of Edwardes College, Peshawar. The students, a press release said, were told during focus group interviews that the unregulated and reckless usage of the mobile phones, besides causing environmental pollution, had become one of the major sources of road accidents. They were also told that free SMS and free night packages were spoiling the youth, especially the students, in many ways.

Many of the interviewees said that majority of the students utilised the special packages late in the night, which affected their studies, and even in some cases they could not attend their colleges and schools in the morning.

The students also held meetings with the lawyers, who told them that so far no legislation had been made to regulate the usage of mobile phones. However, Additional Advocate General Istiaq Ibrahim told the students that the government was aware of the predicament and soon a way out of it would be worked out. Some experts also told the students that use of the mobile phones also contributed to the noise pollution, besides various negative effects on the brains of the users.


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