Youth Awareness

{October 24, 2010}   Pakistan’s Greatest Asset after 63 years

Hello Friends…..

We’re a Nation, which was came into being in the name of Islam (although this particular thing is highly debatable), and Islam teaches us equality in all fields of life, but unfortunately after 63 years of independence we’re still divided in sects. communities, ethnic, regional & cultural groups.  How often we heard such news like that group killed people of that group blah blah blah …..

But the most pathetic thing which we’re experiencing since independence (from britishers, not slavery) is feudalism, warlordism, elite manipulation, gender discrimination, Jagirdar & Wadera system.

Pakistan’s Politics revolve around selected groups of ignorant families who never sincerely work for Pakistan. Peop0le like shareef’s, Bhutto’s, Jatoi’s , Chaudhries, pagara’s, and tribal warlords are (unfortunately) making fortunes of this poor nation, because of this, Pakistan was never in position to sustain and make a better image worldwide. We heard people often chanting slogans of democracy over dictatorship but the fact will remain intact that whenever a dictator takes over the charge (undoubtedly apart from Zia’s regim which is a black spot on Pakistan’s military history) Pakistan’s economic position shoot up. I don’t know i should call this fortunate for Pakistan or bad period because of dictatorship.

Anyways, we were talking about the feudal mindset of the people in Pakistan. we hardly recovered from an incident of Two brothers, brutally killed in Punjab, yet another incident occurred where innocent villagers of Khaniwal were tortured. I don’t have words to explain such a pathetic act of feudal mindset.

After witnessing such an inhuman act of feudals, one has got no choice but to believe what Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that we can progress only if we eliminate this feudal / jagirdar & wadira shahi mindset from Pakistan via revolution.


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